Suspended CDL in Utah

CDL Suspensions in Utah

The Utah Driver License Division (DLD) follows federal regulations when monitoring commercial drivers within the state.

CDL drivers face the same rules that every other driver faces. However, CDL holders are also held to stricter standards. Violations can lead to CDL disqualifications.

Read more to learn about Utah CDL suspensions, reinstatements, and fees.

About Your Suspended Utah CDL

While CDL holders can have their licenses suspended for the same reasons as regular license holders, they also face even more stringent laws. Commercial drivers can have their CDLs disqualified for the following violation types:

  • Major offenses.
  • Serious traffic violations.
  • Railroad-highway grade crossing offenses.
  • Violating out-of-service orders.

Major Offenses

Major offenses will result in CDL disqualification, regardless of whether you were driving a commercial vehicle or non-CMV at the time. Utah considers the following major offenses:

  • Alcohol- and drug-related offenses, such as:
    • Driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit.
      • The limit for CMV operation is 0.04%.
    • Refusing a breath or blood test.
    • DUI conviction.
  • Leaving an accident scene.
  • Using the CMV to commit a felony, including the manufacturing and distributing of a controlled substance.
    • This will result in an automatic lifetime disqualification.
  • Causing a death due to negligent CMV operation.
  • Operating a CMV while you have a disqualified, suspended, or revoked commercial driver's license.
    • NOTE: Your employer cannot allow or force you to drive without a valid CDL.

If you commit a major offense, expect to have your Utah CDL disqualified as follows:

  • 1st violation: 1 year.
    • 3 years if offense was made while transporting hazardous materials.
  • 2nd violation: Lifetime disqualification.

NOTE: You cannot drive a CMV with ANY amount of detectable alcohol without facing consequences. You will be given an out-of-service order for 24 hours if you test for any amount of alcohol under the legal limit.

Serious Traffic Violations

Utah CDL suspension can also come from serious violations committed in a commercial vehicle. Serious violations include:

  • Excessive speeding or reckless driving.
  • Improper lane changes.
  • Following behind other vehicles too closely.
  • Operating a CMV without a CDL (or one on you), or without the required endorsements on your license.

Upon committing a serious violation, your CDL will be disqualified after your:

  • 2nd violation within 3 years: for at least 60 days.
  • 3rd violation within 3 years: for at least 120 days.

Railroad Crossing Violations

Railroad highway grade crossing violations are those offenses committed when you approach or cross a railroad, and include:

  • Failing to slow the CMV and make sure the tracks are clear.
  • Failing to stop when required.
  • Driving across the tracks when there isn't sufficient space for the CMV or sufficient undercarriage clearance.
  • Failing to obey traffic control signals or enforcement official at the railroad.

You face the following CDL disqualification penalties for railroad crossing violations:

  • 1st violation: Minimum of 60 days.
  • 2nd violation within 3 years: Minimum of 120 days.
  • 3rd violation and any subsequent violations within 3 years: Minimum of 1 year.

Out-of-Service Violations

If you violate an out-of-service order, you face a disqualification minimum of 90 days, increasing after subsequent offenses.

Check Your License Status

If you are worried about any violations you've had, or you're worried about your license status, you can check your UT driver record today.

Your driver record will show you any traffic violations, accidents, suspensions, etc. As a CMV operator, it's especially important to know exactly what is on your record.

Utah Suspension Hearings & Appeals

As with private vehicle license holders, CDL holders in Utah have the right to a hearing to contest or appeal certain suspensions.

If your driver's license was confiscated by an officer for a DUI-related offense, you can request a hearing within 10 days by doing the following:

NOTE: The DLD cannot reverse a decision made by the court. If you wish to appeal a court conviction, you must do so with the court.

For questions about administrative hearings, contact the Driver License Division at (888) 353-4224.

Reinstate Your UT Commercial License

In order to reinstate your Utah CDL, you may be subject to different reinstatement requirements according to your offense.

Reinstatement typically includes some or all of the following steps:

  • Waiting until your disqualification period has expired.
  • Paying any reinstatement fees.
  • Paying another fines related to your offense.
  • Fulfilling any other court-mandated requirements.
  • Completing any required driver improvement courses.
  • Applying for a new Utah CDL.

To learn more about what steps you may need to take in order to reinstate your commercial driver's license in Utah, contact the DLD at (888) 353-4224.

Fees for Suspended CDLs in UT

You may be subject to a reinstatement fee in order to re-qualify for a CDL.

Remember, any reinstatement fee will be separate from and in addition to any fines or other monetary penalties associated with your violation.

To learn more about reinstatement fees you may be required to pay, contact the DLD at (888) 353-4224.

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