Replacing a Lost Registration in Utah

Duplicate Registrations, License Plates, and Decals in Utah

If your vehicle's current registration card, license plate, or license plate decal is missing or damaged, you should apply for a replacement with the Utah Motor Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as soon as you can.

Some common reasons to need a replacement registration item include:

  • The card, plate, or decal is lost.
  • Your license plate or sticker is stolen.
  • Your registration item has been damaged to a point of illegibility and the necessary information cannot be read from it.
  • You've recently renewed your registration but your updated documents never arrived.

Remember to act fast if any of your vehicle registration items are lost, stolen, or damaged. If you are pulled over for any traffic violation, you may receive additional fines and tickets if you fail to present your current registration certificate to the law enforcement officer. If you drive around or park on public streets without your license plates or current decals attached to your vehicle, you may also face tickets and fines. If your documents are damaged, you may face the same fines and tickets that you would face if the items were missing.

On this page you'll find an overview of the steps you may need to take to replace your registration certificate, license plates, or license plates decals.

If you have specific questions about your vehicle registration, please contact the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) directly.

Replace Your UT Registration Card and Decals

If your Utah registration certificate or decals have been lost or damaged, you can order a replacement by visiting your local UT DMV office in person with:

  • Your license plate number OR vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Payment for the $4 replacement fee for a registration card or the $5 replacement fee for license plate decals.

You may also need to present proof of your identity using your Utah driver's license or a valid photo ID.

License Plate Replacements in Utah

Lost, damaged, or stolen license plates may be replaced by heading to a Utah DMV office in person. You'll need to provide the Utah DMV with your current registration card, license plate number, or vehicle identification number (VIN). You'll be issued the same kind of license plate for a fee of:

  • $11 for standard license plates.
  • $15 for personalized plates.
  • $16 for special group license plates.

You may also opt to replace the license plates by mail. Just include a note to the Utah DMV making your request, a copy of your current vehicle registration certificate, payment for your plate replacement fee (see above), plus $4 for postage (except for personalized plates), to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Mail and Correspondence
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Payment for your replacement should be made by check or money order only, payable to the Utah State Tax Commission.

NOTE: If you have evidence or reason to believe that your license plates or decals were stolen, you should contact your local law enforcement agency to file a police report in addition to contacting the Utah Motor Vehicle Division for replacements.

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