Replacing a Lost CDL in Utah

Typically, you must apply for a replacement commercial driver's license in person with the Department of Public Safety's (DPS) Driver License Division (DLD). The UT DLD MIGHT make exceptions if you're currently out of state, but DO NOT operate your commercial truck or any commercial vehicle until you have an official document from the DLD.

Consider reporting your lost CDL to local and state authorities to fight against identity fraud.

Get a Duplicate CDL in Utah

Head to your nearest driver license office (you can make an appointment to save time) and:

Once you've completed all requirements, you'll receive a temporary duplicate license. The DLD will later mail your permanent replacement CDL. 

UT Out-of-State Commercial Drivers

As mentioned above, generally the UT DLD only accepts replacement CDL applications in person; this isn't ideal for out-of-state commercial drivers—especially those who are currently working (i.e. driving a commercial truck or other commercial vehicle).

Contact your driver license location for information on how to proceed if you're currently out of state. 

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