Scooters, Mopeds, Etc... in Utah

Who Needs a Motorcycle License?

If your vehicle has no more than 3 wheels, a motor with any size engine displacement, and no pedals and you want to drive it on public roads, you'll need a motorcycle license. This includes scooters (like Vespas). The type of motorcycle you'll be permitted to drive will depend upon the type of motorcycle you take your driving test on.

Motorized bicycles, which are also referred to as mopeds or electric-assisted bicycles, that have pedals and do not exceed 50 cc do not require a motorcycle endorsement. However, you will need a driver's license.

Title & Registration

You must title and register your two-wheeled, motor-driven vehicle, if you plan to take it out on public roads.

NOTE: A moped does not require registration.

Motor-Assisted Scooters

Motor-assisted scooters are usually used by teens and children. Rules are a bit different for these. The state defines a motor-assisted scooter as a self-propelled vehicle that has:

  • At least 2 wheels on the ground
  • A braking system
  • An electric motor that does not exceed  2000 watts .
  • Either a deck designed to stand on, or a seat designed for a person to sit, straddle, or stand on while operating the vehicle
  • Been designed to be capable of being propelled by human power alone

You don't need to register or title these scooters.


If you're under 15 years old and driving while using the scooter, you must be under the "direct supervision" of your parent or legal guardian. What does that mean? It's defined as overseeing the rider at a distance at which contact is maintained and advice and assistance can be given and received.

If you're under 8 years old, you can't ride your scooter while using the motor on any public property, highway, path, or sidewalk.

County Rules

In addition, each county may have its own additional rules regarding these vehicles, so it wouldn't hurt to check with local law enforcement before taking it out on the road.

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