Other Vehicle Registrations in Utah

SUMMARY: How to Register Other Vehicle Types in Utah

Registering special vehicle types will sometimes have slightly different processes than registering your standard car or truck. Custom-built cars require different paperwork, and RVs have a different fee schedule than regular vehicles. Others, such a snowmobiles and trailers, follow much of the same process as standard vehicle registration. Find your vehicle type below for details.

In Utah, if you may be required to register and title your special vehicle, including snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), trailers, and other types of off-highway vehicles (OHVs). As a general rule, if you're planning on operating your OHV on any public land or road in Utah, it MUST be registered.

The steps you need to take vary depending on the kind of vehicle you have. Either way, you'll need to visit your local Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to start the process.

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Off-Road Vehicles, Snowmobiles, and ATVs

Both snowmobiles and ATVs are classified by Utah state law as "off-highway vehicles" (OHVs). All OHVs used on the state's public lands or roads must be registered and titled if you're a Utah resident. Non-resident OHV riders must purchase a permit to ride on public land. The permit fee is $30; plus a service fee if you purchase the permit online.

To title and register your OHV, just follow the procedures outlined for cars or motorcycles. Your registration will cost $22 (which goes towards programs related to OHV sports). You will also be responsible for paying a uniform fee based on the age of your OHV. After the initial registration you will renew your registration annually. The registration fees and uniform fees are also required when you renew your registration.For more information, visit the Utah State Parks and Recreation website.

NOTE: If you're using your OHV for agricultural or farming purposes only (and not on public property or roads), you can apply for an "implement of husbandry" sticker instead of registration stickers.

Place your snowmobile registration decal on the left side of the hood, pan, or tunnel. For ATVs, place a sticker on the rear of the vehicle.

Other OHV Rules

Be aware that all OHV riders younger than 18 years old must wear a helmet.

Also, you may only ride your OHV on private land when you have the land owner's permission.

The Utah Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offers more information on the subject of OHVs.

Non-Utah Residents

If you're from out of state and wish to ride your off-road vehicle while you're in Utah temporarily, you'll need to first obtain a non-resident permit. You can apply for a permit either in person or online.

To apply in person, you'll need to visit a UT DMV office with:

  • Proof of your out-of-state residency.
  • Proof that the OHV is not owned by a Utah resident.
  • Payment for the fee (varies depending on the age of your vehicle).
    • Depending on which state you live in, the fee may be waived.

To apply for a non-resident permit online, simply complete the Utah DNR's digital form

Trailers in Utah

Only single-axel trailers, that meet certain requirements, have to be titled and registered with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Trailers that require registration are:

  • A commercial vehice trailer.
  • A trailer designed, used, and maintained for hire.
  • A travel, camping, or fifth wheel trailer with an unladen weight more than 750 lbs.

It's still a good idea to register any trailer, in case of theft or loss.

Simply go to your local UT DMV office with your title and vehicle identification number (VIN). If you need a new title, you'll also have to fill out the Vehicle Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656).

Trailer Registration Fees

Registration fees depend on how old your trailer is. A title costs $6.

Utah RVs and Motorhomes

If you have a recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome, you'll need to have it registered and titled much the same way as a standard automobile. However, your registration fees vary in that in place of the uniform age-based fee, you will instead pay a fee-in-lieu of property tax of 1%.

Follow the steps outlined on our Register Car in Utah page and contact the Utah DMV for more information.

Custom-Built Cars

If you have a custom built car in Utah, you'll need to both register AND title it before you can drive it legally in the state. Take the following to your local Utah DMV office:

The Utah DMV will issue you a vehicle identification number (VIN) and you may need to have it inspected by a police officer or certified safety inspector.

For more information, visit the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles website.

Scooters and Mopeds

Most motor-driven cycles must be registered in Utah using the same process as registering a motorcycle. Motor-driven cycles are cycles or scooters that have engines less than 150 cc OR a motor of up to 5 hp.

Mopeds and electric bicycles may need to be registered depending on their size and speed. Contact the UT DMV at (800) 368-8824 (DMV-UTAH) for more information.


Vehicle Application for Utah Title
Apply for an original, replacement, transferred, OR branded Utah title with this Division of Motor Vehicles form.
Application for Utah Motor Vehicle Identification Number
Utah DMV application for a new vehicle identification number (VIN) on a car that's been reconstructed or that's missing its original VIN.
Ownership Statement
Form used to verify ownership of a vehicle if the Utah title is missing or has incorrect information.
Statement of Facts
Use this form to include supplemental information about your vehicle on DMV forms.
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