Drivers in the Military in Utah

It's difficult to maintain your current driver license and vehicle registration when you are stationed outside your home state, so Utah, like most states, cuts active-duty military personnel some slack.

Driver License Renewal

Military personnel, their immediate family, and legal dependents with a Utah driver license that expires while stationed outside of Utah may continue to use that license until up to 90 days after the active duty member is discharged, by which time they will need to file for an extension or renewal.

Military personnel from outside Utah who are temporarily stationed in Utah may use their valid out-of-state or out-of-country license to drive in Utah, and so may their dependents.

Vehicle Registration Renewal

Military personnel stationed outside Utah who have Utah-registered vehicles that they (not another family member or leasing company) own may be eligible for the following exemptions when it comes time to renew:

Military personnel from another state who are stationed in Utah may retain their vehicle's out-of-state registration. However, if you buy a vehicle while in Utah and plan to use it here, you will pay the Utah sales and use tax even if you decide to register the vehicle in your home state.


Exemption of Utah Safety and Emission Requirements for Vehicles Not in Utah
Claim exemption from Utah's required safety AND/OR emissions inspection(s) if your vehicle meets the qualifications outlined on this DMV form.
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