Boat Registration and Licenses in Utah

Boat Registration & Licenses in Utah

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation enacts and enforces all of the state's boating rules and regulations, though vessel registrations and titles are processed through the UT Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

For information about how to register and title your boat AND the qualifications needed to operate vessels on UT waters, keep reading.

Utah Boat Registration Requirements

In Utah, you're required to register ALL vessels powered by a sail OR motor.

Exceptions to Utah's registration requirement include:

  • Boats registered out-of-state using Utah waters for 60 days or fewer.
  • Vessels from a different country temporarily using UT waters.
  • U.S. government-owned watercraft.
  • Ship lifeboats.
  • Non-motorized vessels, like:
    • Canoes and kayaks.
    • Sailboards.
    • Inflatable watercraft.

You're also required to title ALL boats manufactured in 1985 or later EXCEPT for canoes and inflatable watercraft powered by outboard motors with no more than 25 HP.

If you'd like confirmation about whether your watercraft needs title and/or registration, call the Division of Parks and Recreation at (801) 538-7220.

Boat Title & Registration in Utah

BEFORE submitting a vessel title/registration application, you'll need to:

  • Have your boat's hull identification number (HIN) inspected IF it has never been titled in Utah before. The only exceptions to this rule are brand new watercraft sold by UT boat dealers.
    • You can have your boat inspected by a DMV employee OR a Utah peace officer. They will need to complete a Certificate of Inspection (Form TC-661) for you—hold onto the completed form!
  • Pay uniform fees on your vessel at a UT county assessor's office.
    • After paying the uniform fees, the assessor will give you a receipt of payment—don't lose this!

Then, you can complete your application for watercraft title and/or registration by submitting the following at your nearest Division of Motor Vehiclesoffice:

Utah boat registrations are valid for 1 year, starting on the first day of the month in which you registered your boat.

NOTE: At the time of registration, you'll need to sign a sworn statement saying you'll purchase boat insurance (if your vessel qualifies). Utah requires boaters to carry proof of vessel liability coverage on board at all times. 

Utah Boat Insurance

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation requires ALL motorboats AND personal watercraft to carry insurance. To be in compliance and protect yourself, you're going to want to do some research and make sure you have an adequate boat insurance policy.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • $25,000/$50,000 bodily injury/death AND $15,000 property damage.
  • $65,000 combined minimum per accident.

You need to carry proof of insurance AT ALL TIMES when operating your boat.

NOTE: If you own an airboat OR a motorboat with an engine of less than 50 horsepower, you are exempt from the insurance requirements.

Boat Title & Registration Fees

The costs to title and/or register watercraft in Utah are as follows:

  • Registration fees: Vary by type and length of boat; call the Utah DMV at (801) 297-7780 for information on the specific fees you may owe.
  • *Uniform age-based fee, applied ONLY to personal watercraft AND boats less than 31 ft long (determined by the model year):
  • *Uniform fee in-lieu of property tax, applied to ALL vessels measuring 31 ft or more: 1.5% of the boat's fair market value.
  • State Tax Fees:
    • Registration fee: Varies.
    • Aquatic invasive species fee (applied to all registrations): $10.
    • Search and Rescue fee: $.50.
    • Electronic Payment fee: $3.
  • Boat title: $6.
  • Duplicate:
    • Registration card: $4.
    • Boat decals: $7.
    • Vessel title: $6.

*NOTE: ALL uniform fees are applied to initial AND renewal watercraft registrations.

UT Boat Renewals & Replacements

All boat registrations are valid for1 year, starting on the first day of the month in which you applied for vessel registration. The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles will send you a renewal notice before your registration expires. You can renew your boat registration by providing thenecessary details about your vessel AND the applicable renewal fees:
  • Online using the DMV's Renewal Express system.
  • In person at your local DMV agency (if possible, bring your renewal notice with you).
  • By mail (include your renewal notice) to:
    • Motor Vehicle Division
    • P.O. Box 30412
    • Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Replace a Lost Title or Registration

If your Utah vesseltitle, registration, OR decals are damaged or lost, you can easily request replacements by providing the following applicable items at your local DMV office branch:

Boater Qualifications in Utah

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation enforces the following age-based rules for boating on state waters.

If you are:

  • Younger than 16 years old, you CAN operate motorized vessels AND sailboats AS LONG AS you're supervised by someone who's 18 years old or older.
  • Between 12 to 17 years old, you CAN operate personal watercraft (e.g. jet skis and wave runners), ONLY if you've completed an approved boating education course.
    • Personal watercraft operators between 12 to 15 years old will also need to be accompanied by an adult who's 18 years old or older.

You can complete your boating education through one of the online providers listed on the UT Division of Parks and Recreation's personal watercraft education page.

Even if you're not required to complete boater education, doing so could earn you discounts on Utah boat insurance. Keep UT waters AND your wallet safe by enrolling in an adult boater education course today!


Certificate Of Inspection
Vehicle/Hull identification number (VIN/HIN) verification form for cars and vessels being registered in Utah for the first time.
Bill of Sale
Use the Division of Motor Vehicles' bill of sale as a proof of purchase after transferring ownership of a vehicle in UT.
Application for Utah Duplicate Title
Request a duplicate UT vehicle title from the DMV.
Vessel Application For Utah Title
Request a new, transferred, OR corrected Utah vessel title from the DMV. Can also be used to change lienholder information on your vessel title.
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