Bill of Sale Requirements in Utah

Bill of Sale in UT

A bill of sale is a receipt proving ownership of a vehicle has transferred from a buyer to a seller. It is useful to serve as a record of a sale and provides protection for the seller in the event that the buyer does not register the car or abandons it at a later date. Utah's DMV, like those in many states, requires the seller to complete a bill of sale when a vehicle is sold in a private-party transaction. Read on to find out more about Utah's bill of sale particulars and procedures.

Utah's Bill of Sale Requirements

Utah citizens selling a vehicle in a private party transaction must fill out and sign a Bill of Sale (Form TC-843), stating the buyer now owns the vehicle free and clear. The form is then filed at your local Utah DMV office when completing the vehicle's title transfer. The bill of sale includes information such as:

  • A vehicle description.
  • The final sales price.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • The seller's signature.

Writing a Bill of Sale

You do not have to use the bill of sale form provided by the state. Utah allows you to write up your own bill of sale. Keep in mind your bill of sale must be handwritten in ink or typed.

If you need help writing your bill of sale, you can use our bill of sale guide to assist you on your way.


Bill of Sale
Use the Division of Motor Vehicles' bill of sale as a proof of purchase after transferring ownership of a vehicle in UT.
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