Applying for Special Plates in Utah

SUMMARY: Apply for a Specialty Utah License Plate

In Utah, you can apply for a variety of specialty plates by mail or in person, depending on your plate. You may also choose to personalize your plate, if that plate is eligible. To renew your plate, you'll renew your registration. You can request a replacement for a lost license plate for a small fee. If you sell your car, you may be able to transfer your plates to your new one. Fees for special plates vary.

The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers many types of specialty plates for purchase. Continue reading to learn all about how to apply for and renew these plates.

Applying for Specialty Plates in Utah

In Utah, you have many types of specialty plates to choose from. You may also personalize many of these plate types.

The application process for these plates will depend on the type of specialty plate that you choose. Continue reading to learn more.

Special Group Plates

A number of special group plates, such as collegiate and veteran plates, are available from the UT DMV.

Depending on the plate, you may be able to apply:

Many of these plates can be personalized for an additional fee. To see if your plate can be personalized, click on your plate.

By Mail

All special group plates may be ordered by mail. To apply:

  • Provide a copy of your current vehicle registration.
  • Gather any required documents/proof of eligibility for the plate.
  • Provide a check that covers:
    • Plate fee.
    • $5 for new registration/decal.
    • $7.75 for postage.
  • Mail all of the above to:

Utah State Tax Commission
Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

NOTE: If mailing via an express mail service, such as FedEx, use the zip code 84116.

In Person

Some plates are available for order at any DMV office.

To find out if the plate you want qualifies, see the DMV's list of special group plates and click on your plate.

Antique Plates

If you own a Utah vehicle with a model year of 1973 or older, the DMV allows you to display the original plates (issued in the model year).

You may use an antique plate in place of a standard plate if the number on the original plate is not assigned to another vehicle and is not in conflict with another current plate series.

To apply for antique plates in Utah, bring your plates to your local Motor Vehicle Office. The DMV will verify your plates' authenticity. Displaying an antique plate is free.

NOTE: If you sell your vehicle, you may sell the antique plates by completing an affidavit stating you are relinquishing them.

Plates Conflicting with a Current Plate Series

If you cannot use your antique plate for registration due to the plate number conflicting with a current series of plates, you can order special antique plate decals by:

  • Taking your original plates to any Motor Vehicle Office for inspection.
  • Providing your current registration card.
  • Paying the $5 fee.
    • NOTE: There is a $5 annual renewal fee.

Historical/Collector Plates

To collect samples of UT license plates used in the past:

  • Complete a Collector License Plate Order (Form TC-586).
  • Provide check or money for the applicable fee to Utah State Tax Commission.
    • Fees vary from plate and range from $4 to $55. For questions about fees, call:
      • Salt Lake Metro area: (801) 297-7780.
      • Outside of Salt Lake: (800) 368-8824.
  • Mail application and fee to:

Utah State Tax Commission
Sample Plates
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Utah Personalized Plates

Many specialty plates may be personalized. To determine if your plate is eligible for personalization, see the UT DMV website and find your plate.

To apply for a personalized plate:

  • Complete the Application for Personalized Plates (Form TC-817).
    • Be sure to choose several messages to ensure one is available.
  • Provide payment for the applicable fee via check or money order.
    • See the form to find your fee.
    • A $10 annual renewal fee will apply for these plates.
  • Mail the application and fee to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Compliance Services
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

The Utah DMV will send the plates to your mailing address. If your desired custom message was not approved, the DMV will refund your fee.

Renewing Specialty Plates in Utah

You renew your specialty plates when you renew your vehicle registration.

Note that you will have to pay specialty plate renewal fees when you renew (in addition to your regular registration fees).

NOTE: If you do not renew your personalized plate within 6 months of the expiration date, you forfeit your plate.

To learn more about renewing your registration, visit our Registration Renewal in Utah page.

Replacing UT Specialty Plates

You can replace a lost, stolen, or damaged license plate for small fee. To apply for a replacement in person:

To apply by mail:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Mail and Correspondence
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Transferring Specialty Plates in UT

If you sell your car, you keep your plates.

If you purchase another vehicle, you may be able to transfer your tags to your new vehicle as long as both vehicles are both registered in the same name.

Contact your local DMV office for questions about plate transfers.

UT Specialty Plate Fees

Fees for specialty plates typically apply as follows:

  • Special group plates: $20.50 + initial/annual contribution fees.
  • Personalized plates: Fees vary.
  • Personalized plate renewal: $10 (except Amateur Radio and Search and Rescue Radio).
  • Disabled plates: $20.50.
  • Replacement of special group plates: $20.50.
  • Replacement of personalized plates: $25.75.
  • Replacement of decal: $5.
  • Antique plates: $5.
  • Antique plate renewal: $5.

Note that when you apply by mail, you may be required to pay postage in additional to regular fees. For questions about fees, contact your local DMV office.


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