Replacing a Lost Registration in Texas

If you’re driving around without a copy of your registration or valid plate sticker, it’s only a matter of time before you get a ticket. Be kind to your wallet and get a replacement ASAP.

Luckily, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a simple solution for you. We’ll walk you through the steps below!

Duplicate TX Registration Card

If you need a duplicate TX registration receipt, you can either request one by mail or in person at your local DMV or county tax office.

Either way, you’ll need to:

  • Complete a Request for Texas Motor Vehicle Information (Form VTR-275).
  • Submit a photocopy of a government-issued ID, such as your:
    • Texas driver’s license.
    • U.S. passport.
  • Provide payment for the $2 duplicate registration fee.
    • If you are requesting your registration receipt by mail, do NOT send cash. Your payment must be made payable to TxDMV in the form of a:
      • Check.
      • Cashier’s check.
      • Money order.

Bring the above to your local DMV regional service center or county tax office, or mail your completed form and payment to the address listed on the form.

Replacing Lost Tags/Stickers/Decals

To replace lost, stolen, or damaged Texas plate tags, you’ll have to visit your local county tax office in person to request them.

You’ll need to:

Duplicate Registration Fees in TX

Here are the Department of Motor Vehicles’ fees associated with replacing a Texas registration or plate decal:

  • Duplicate registration receipt: $2.
  • Replacement tag/decal: $6.
  • System automation fee: $0.50.


Request for Texas Motor Vehicle Information
Use this form to request your own OR someone else's vehicle record from the TX Department of Motor Vehicles. Forms must be downloaded from the DMV's form library.
Application for Replacement License Plates and/or Vehicle Registration Sticker
Form used to request replacement license plates AND/OR registration stickers from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
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