Motorcycle Registration in Texas

Before taking your motorcycle out on the road, you'll need to register it with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Use this guide to learn about applying for an original registration after becoming a new Texas resident OR after purchasing a bike in-state.

Need to renew your registration? Head on over to our TX registration renewals guide for details.

New Texas Residents

Once you move to Texas, you'll have 30 days to register your motorcycle with the Texas DMV.

PRIOR to turning in a registration application, you'll need to:

  • Have your bike inspected at any Department of Public Safety (DPS) inspection station. For details, jump over to our Vehicle Inspections section.
    • Once the inspection's complete, the DPS agent will give you a Vehicle Inspection Report—don't lose this!
  • Purchase Texas motorcycle insurance.

Then, to complete your registration application, provide the following items at your local county tax office:

  • A completed Application for Texas Title and/or Registration (Form 130-U).
  • Your motorcycle's previous out-of-state title OR registration, indicating you are the owner.
    • Military and foreign vehicle ownership documents are also accepted.
  • An acceptable form of identification.
  • Proof of TX motorcycle insurance.
  • The completed Vehicle Inspection Report.
  • Payment for the $30 base fee for motorcycle registration PLUS any other applicable fees or taxes.

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Register Your TX Motorcycle

The process for registering your motorcycle with the TX Department of Motor Vehicles will differ depending on whether you bought the bike from a dealership OR from a private seller.

Below, we'll outline the steps for registration in both scenarios.

Motorcycles from TX Dealers

Most dealers in Texas will handle the registration process for you. The Texas DMV's “Two Steps, One Sticker" process requires dealers to:

  • Ensure the new motorcycle has passed inspection.
  • Submit the buyer's registration documentation to the DMV.

The dealership will usually include all registration-related costs in the purchase price of the bike— here's a breakdown of those fees and taxes you can expect to pay.

Before leaving the dealership, make sure you verify that no additional action is required on your part to register the motorcycle in your name.

Motorcycles from Private Parties

If you recently purchased a motorcycle from a private party, you'll need to register it yourself. Note that the Texas DMV recommends visiting an office with the seller to ensure everything goes smoothly.

BEFORE going in to apply for registration, you'll need to:

Then, register your motorcycle by heading to your local county tax office with the seller, and submit the following:

Motorcycle Registration Fees in TX

The TX Department of Motor Vehicles' fees to register a motorcycle are as follows:

  • Motorcycle registration: $30.
  • Title fee: $28 to $33 (varies by county).
  • Processing and handling fee: $4.75.
  • Local fee: Up to $31.50 (dependent on county).
  • Safety inspection: $7.50 (out-of-state motorcycle safety inspection can be up to $30.75).
  • Sales tax: 6.25% of the sales price OR standard presumptive value, whichever is higher.


Application for Texas Certificate of Title
Use this TX DMV form to apply for a title OR registration for your vehicle
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