Motorcycle Manual in Texas

SUMMARY: Texas Motorcycle Manual

The Texas motorcycle manual provides you with general information about motorcycle operation and safety. You'll also find details about required motorcycle riding classes and the types of tests required for motorcycle licensing.

Read below for additional information about the motorcycle manual in Texas.

TX Motorcycle Manual Information

The Texas Department of Public Safety's (DPS) Motorcycle Operator's Manual (DL-8) covers the basics of motorcycle operation and safety.

It is a great resource for information about:

  • Required and recommended safety gear.
  • How motorcycles work.
  • General motorcycle operation.
  • Handling hazards and other situations.

You'll also learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol on motorcycle riders.

In addition to motorcycle operation and safety information, the manual includes sections dedicated to:

Motorcycle Courses in Texas

The TX motorcycle handbook introduces you to motorcycle road rules and safe motorcycle operation.

Motorcycle riders' courses teach you to put those concepts and rules into practice.

EVERYONE must take an approved motorcycle course in order to apply for a motorcycle license from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Benefits of Motorcycle Training Courses

You'll find several benefits to successfully completing a motorcycle riding course.

First, your riding skills test will be waived IF you're:

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Have one of the following:
    • A valid TX driver's license with no restrictions.
    • A valid out-of-state motorcycle license with no restrictions that you're transferring to Texas.

NOTE: If you're applying for a motorcycle learner's permit or you're only operating a moped, you will also be exempt from the riding skills test.

Second, completing the motorcycle education course may also qualify you for a discount on your motorcycle insurance.

The motorcycle manual includes additional information about motorcycle training courses and their benefits.

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Motorcycle License Testing

You may be required to take one or more licensing tests to obtain your TX motorcycle license, depending on your age and current driver's license.

Knowledge Test

If you DO NOT already have a Texas learner's permit or driver's license, you'll be required to take the motorcycle knowledge test.

The test is based on information found in the TX DPS motorcycle manual, including safe operation rules, general safety guidelines, and traffic laws.

You can take a motorcycle license practice test to help you prepare.

Motorcycle Riding Test

You MUST take the TX DPS riding test if you:

You may be tested on maneuvers such as:

  • Communicating and staying visible while operating a motorcycle.
  • Stopping or turning quickly.
  • Riding at a safe and appropriate speed.

You can learn more about the skills test by reading the TX motorcycle manual.

Vision Test

You have to pass a vision test to demonstrate that your eyesight meets TX DPS minimum requirements.

You're allowed to take the vision test with corrective lenses, such as glasses or contacts, if needed.

Stay Safe By Completing a Motorcycle Safety Course

Find a course near you by picking your TX county below. Talk to your auto insurance provider whether completing a course makes you eligible for reduced rates.

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