DPS Driver Handbook in Texas

SUMMARY: Texas Driver's Handbooks

In Texas, you can access a number of resources online to help you learn how to become a safe driver, such as the TX driver's handbook, commercial driver handbook, and motorcycle operator's manual. To learn about Texas traffic and vehicle laws, you can read the Vehicle Code online.

This page contains links to the various driving manuals and DMV handbooks available from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

How to Get a Texas Driver Handbook

Before applying for your driver's license in Texas, you should read the Texas Driver's Handbook (Form DL-7) to help you get ready for the driver's license tests. In this DMV handbook you'll learn about topics including:

  • How to apply for your TX driver's license.
  • Signals, signs, and markers.
  • Signaling, passing, and turning.
  • Speed limits.
  • Zero Tolerance Law.
  • Giving way to pedestrians.
  • Registering your vehicle.
  • Changing your address.
  • Becoming an organ donor.

NOTE: If you're a Spanish speaker, you can download the Spanish-language driving manual: Manual para conductores de Texas (Form DL-7S).

Don't Forget an Online Practice Test!

When the statement "everything is big in Texas" was created, they must have been talking about the Texas driving manual. Although studying it is a good way to prepare for the written exam, we have a more time-friendly option. Prepare for the test with an online practice test from our approved partner. It's like having the answers when you walk through the door at the DMV!

Commercial Driver's License Handbook

If you're interested in applying for a commercial driver's license (CDL) in Texas, you'll need to study the Texas Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Handbook (Form CDL-7C).

The CDL DMV handbook covers all the information you need to know to pass your TX DPS exams, including:

  • Safe driving techniques.
  • Transporting cargo and passengers.
  • Combination vehicles.
  • Towing trailers.
  • Hazardous materials regulations.
  • Using air brakes.
  • Basic vehicle control.

If you need some additional preparation for your CDL exams, test your knowledge of the CDL driver's manual with an online TX CDL practice test.

Motorcycle Handbook in TX

You can download the Motorcycle Operator's Handbook (Form DL-8) for information on how to operate a motorcycle safely in Texas. Topics found in the Motorcycle DMV handbook include:

  • Preparing to ride.
  • Basic motorcycle control.
  • Carrying passengers and cargo.
  • Riding in groups safely.
  • Use of proper hand signals.

NOTE: For those seeking the motorcycle driver's manual in Spanish, the TX DPS also offers the Manual del Conductor de Motocicletas (Form DL-7S) online.

In addition to studying the motorcycle DMV handbook, you can take an online motorcycle license practice test to help prepare yourself for the motorcycle knowledge test.

Vehicle Code in Texas

The DMV handbooks and driving manuals available in Texas are great driver resources, as well as a being a comprehensive Texas road rules and regulations guide. However, other resources can also help you understand driving rules that might not be fully covered in the driver's handbooks.

You can glance through the TX Vehicle Code to learn about all laws related to driver's licenses, vehicle registrations, and traffic violations in Texas.

If you've recently received a traffic ticket, this information may be helpful if you disagree with the charge. It can help you understand why you received the citation, and may even help you fight your charge in court.

For more information about responding to a Texas traffic ticket, visit our Traffic Tickets page.

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