Paperwork When Selling a Car in Texas

Paperwork Required to Sell Your Car in Texas

Knowing what to expect when you sell your car in Texas can save you a lot of trouble later on down the road. You must be prepared to provide all the necessary documents in order to successfully transfer your vehicle through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Selling a Vehicle in Texas

As it is in most other states, selling a car in Texas requires an official title transfer. To make the transfer, you simply need to fill out the title assignment located on the back of your official car title certificate.

Failure to meet the standards of a legal title transfer can have dire consequences, including being held responsible for violations and crimes committed in the vehicle. The Texas DMV recommends going with the buyer to your local county tax office to ensure that the application for a new car title has officially been filed.

For additional tips on protecting yourself and securing a safe and profitable sale, our Guide to Selling Your Car offers answers from the first step to the last.

Required Documents to Sell Your Car

As the seller of the car, you are expected to provide the following documents to the buyer:

  • Valid car title with completed and signed title assignment.
  • Bill of sale.
  • Odometer disclosure.

It's recommended that you also make copies of these documents for your own records, in case any legal or technical issues arise in the future.

From there, it's up to the buyer to complete all necessary documents and pay the fee to register the car in their name.

Duplicate Texas Certificate of Title

If you don't have the certificate of title for your car, whether it's been lost, stolen, or damaged, you will need to get a replacement before you can sell your car. You will need:

Take the above to your local Texas DMV office or send it to:

1601 Southwest Parkway, Suite A
Wichita Falls, TX 76302

For more information, visit our Replacing a Lost Title in Texas page.

TX Vehicle History Reports

Considering the strict laws Texas has regarding vehicle safety and efficiency, most buyers will request a detailed vehicle history report before committing to a sale. You should be prepared to supply this for the sake of the buyer, but also to make your job easier in terms of pricing and advertising your vehicle.

A vehicle history report will provide details about the vehicle including:

  • Any past accidents.
  • Any instances of theft or odometer tampering.
  • Major repairs.

To order a report, visit our Vehicle History Reports page.

Transferring License Plates after a Sale

Remember to remove the license plates from the vehicle before you hand the keys over to the new owner. You can transfer them to a different vehicle you own at your local county tax assessor-collector's office.


Application for a Certified Copy of Title
Use this form to request a certified copy of your vehicle title from the TX Department of Motor Vehicles. Available for download from the DMV's forms library.
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