Dealers Handbook in Texas

The Motor Vehicle Dealer Manual is the holy grail of in-depth information for those in the business of buying, selling, and distributing cars.

If you even have a glimmer of an idea to start in the industry and ultimately apply for a dealer license, start reading. The handbook is essential to understanding the detailed rules and guidelines the state has in place to regulate the industry.

What the Handbook Covers

Those already operating a business should have a copy handy simply to assuage any doubt as to the procedures for the range of operations, from complex tax codes, to financing and titling protocols.

The handbook covers:

  • Licensing process overview, including a discussion of the initial application process, types and exemptions, renewals, what to do when moving the dealership, and cancellations;
  • Dealer operations overview, including information on plates, auctions, lemon laws, and record keeping procedures;
  • Sales overview, including information on cash sales, financing and installment plans;
  • Vehicle titling, including a step-by-step synopsis of the application process;
  • Compliance overview, including a thorough listing of violations that will place your license at risk.
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