Dealer-related Information in Texas

Training Classes

To help guide motor vehicle dealer applicants through the process of becoming a licensed dealer, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regularly offers educational seminars directed at potential dealers. These seminars are held on a rotating basis in various locations throughout the state.

Each seminar covers the advertising, selling, and financing of all types of motor vehicles in Texas. Potential legal pitfalls, Lemon Law issues, and other problems are covered with an eye toward helping dealers avoid problems with both consumers and the regulating authorities. Others interested in the motor vehicle sales industry also attend, so participants may be rubbing shoulders with auctioneers, taxing authorities, and law enforcement agents.

Seminars are held throughout the year in different locations and are announced by flyers sent to all registered dealers in the area served by the class location, but it is not necessary to receive a flyer in order to attend. You can register online , and classes may fill up early.

Industry Associations

Useful private organizations for car dealers in Texas include the Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association , specializing primarily in used car dealers, and the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, which mainly serves the franchised new car dealer community.

Manual for Dealers

The Texas DMV provides a car dealer manual, explaining all requirements and regulations in full detail.

Dealer Licensing Contact Information

You can contact the DMV's dealer licensing area by phone or fax:

  • For licensing and Salvage Information, call (888) 368-4689 or (512) 465-3000.
  • For the dealer licensing receptionist, call (512) 465-4029.
  • To fax dealer licensing documents, use (512) 465-4129.
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