DMV Appointments in Texas

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Texas may be the Lone Star State, but the winding lines at the Department of Public Safety (Tx DPS) are anything but solitary. Save yourself the frustration of a long wait and set yourself up for success by scheduling your trip there ahead of time.

Types of TX DPS Appointments

The Texas DPS currently allows residents to schedule skills test appointments for:

  • Standard driver's licenses.
  • Commercial driver's licenses (CDLs).

How to Make a DPS Appointment

You can schedule your skills test for your driver's license or CDL online.

You can also call the TX DPS at (512) 424-2600 with any additional questions.

What to Bring to the Texas DPS

Make sure the time you save by pre-planning your trip isn't undone by forgetting to bring something with you. Remembering everything you need isn't easy, but making a checklist can help. You can refer to a number of our handy guides to help you figure out what you'll need when: BBB Business Review