Replacing a Lost Title in Tennessee

Replacing a Lost Title in Tennessee

To obtain a replacement from the Tennessee Department of Revenue (DOR):

  • Complete an Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form RV-F131520).
  • Provide proof of your identity.
  • Provide a lien notice, if applicable.
  • Pay the $14 duplicate title fee.
  • Submit your request by mail or in person to the Tennessee DOR.

Please see below for more details.

How to Apply for a Duplicate Title

When you happen to need a replacement copy of your Tennessee vehicle title, you can apply for a duplicate in a couple different ways: by mail, or in person at your local County Clerk's office.

If you are not be able to apply by mail or in person, see "Can't Apply In Person or By Mail?" below.

Replace a Lost Title By Mail

To apply for your duplicate title in Tennessee by mail, download, print, and complete the Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form RV-F131520).

Mail the completed form, a lien discharge notice (if applicable), and the $14 fee (additional county fees may apply) to the office of your local county clerk. If you would like to contact your local County Clerk, contact information is available at the County Clerk website.

Replace a Car Title In Person

You can also obtain a duplicate title in person. Be sure to check the hours of operation of your local county clerks office before visiting it.

To apply for a duplicate Tennessee title in person, go to your local County Clerk's office with:

NOTE: If you live in a county with several county clerk offices, call ahead to confirm that duplicate titles are processed. In some instances, only one of the listed county clerk offices will offer this service.

Can't Apply In Person or By Mail?

If you are unable to apply by mail or in person, the Tennessee DOR will allow you to send someone else to handle the transaction for you. The person you select for the job will need to visit the County Clerk's office and provide:

You can track the replacement process by calling the Department of Revenue at (888) 871-3171.

Making Changes to Your TN Vehicle Title

If you need to update your name due to a marriage or divorce, you should update your information on your vehicle title as well. You will need to:

For more information and details about the process of updating your name on other DMV-related documents, you can visit our page about Changing Your Name.


Multi-Purpose Application
This Tennessee DOR form can be used for a variety of tasks, like applying for a new OR duplicate title and registration, ordering disability placards, and registering a salvaged vehicle.
Application for Noting of Lien, Duplicate Title, or Multipurpose Use
Use this form to request a duplicate/replacement TN vehicle title.
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