Replacing a Lost CDL in Tennessee

Typically, the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS) will require you to apply for a duplicate commercial driver's license in person. Alternatively, you might be eligible OR required to renew your CDL.

Remember, you can't legally operate a commercial truck or any commercial vehicle without a valid and properly endorsed CDL in hand, so it's important to apply for your replacement CDL as soon as possible. Also, consider reporting your lost CDL to local and state authorities to help fight identity theft.

Apply for a Duplicate CDL in TN

Apply for a replacement CDL in person at your local driver service center. Make sure it's a full service center, as these are the only locations that handle CDL duplicates in TN.

Bring with you:

  • Proof of identity.
  • 2 documents proving your Tennessee residency.
  • Your DOT Medical Card.
  • Proof of any changes you need to your CDL information.
    • Such changes might include your name, date of birth, or gender.)
  • The applicable fee:
    • $12 fee for your first replacement CDL.
    • $16 fee for all subsequent replacements.

The driver service representative will inform you about when you'll receive your duplicate CDL.

Out-of-State Commercial Drivers

As mentioned above, generally the DOS requires an in-person application for a replacement CDL; however, that's going to be tough if you're currently out of state.

Contact your local driver service center for information on whether you can get a duplicate CDL by other means, and DO NOT operate any commercial vehicle until you have some form of documentation from the DOS in your hand.

Renew Your TN CDL

Before you apply for a duplicate CDL, note that:

  • You CAN renew your CDL if it's set to expire within the next 12 months.
  • You MUST renew your CDL if it's set to expire in fewer than 6 months.

Refer to Renewing Your CDL in Tennessee for information on the renewal process.

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