Online Services in Tennessee

Even if you live in Nashville, a trip to your local motor vehicle agency may not be music to your ears. Luckily, Tennesseans can take advantage of many online driver and vehicle services.

Typically, the Driver Services Division of the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS) handles driver services. The TN DOS website has a full list of state-offered online services, but you can also complete a number of transactions from home with the help of private businesses. Check out the full list of options below to make sure you have as much information as possible when deciding how to move forward.

Tennessee Vehicle Services

Driving can be a lot of fun, but it's also a big responsibility. In exchange for freedom to roam the roads, you have to make sure your vehicle is kept up to date. In Tennessee, you may be able to take care of some vehicle services online, depending on where you live. Check out the TN county clerk page for more information.

If you can't find the service you're looking for through the government, there's no need to sing the blues. Plenty of outside companies are ready, willing, and able to help you take care of business, including:

  • Registering your car.
    • The complicated process gets streamlined and simplified when you register your car online—not to mention you can do it from the comfort of your own home.
  • Ordering auto insurance.
    • Benjamin Franklin famously quipped that the only certainties in life were death and taxes. He forgot to mention car insurance. But, you don't have to kill yourself to find the perfect policy. It's quick and easy when you order online.
  • Finding motorcycle insurance.
    • Just because it's mandatory doesn't mean it's a painful process. Find the best plan possible in no time when you look online.
  • Getting a vehicle history report and VIN check.
    • The closest you can come to consulting a psychic—except it's accurate every time. This report reveals your vehicle's true past, so you can decide whether it's worth making it part of your future. You can order one for:
      • Cars.
      • Motorcycles.
      • RVs.

TN License & Personal Records

A license is a great form of ID to have, but in order to get one, you'll need to show the state some personal records—which are also key in finding a great job or a nice place to live. It may seem like a lot to keep track of, but thanks to the online services provided by both the Tennessee DOS and private companies, you can manage your documents like a pro without leaving the house.


  • Renew or replace your driver's license.
  • Change the address on your:
    • TN driver's license.
    • Tennessee state ID card.
  • Advance a graduated driver's license.
  • Pay a license reinstatement fee.
  • Get your license reissued after reinstatement.
  • Order your driving history.

Third Parties

  • Look up driving records.
    • Using a third party to retrieve these records lets you skip out on the bureaucratic process often associated with going through the government.
  • Prevent identity theft.
    • As the world becomes increasingly digital, hackers have become even more powerful, and identity theft is now the planet's fastest-growing crime. Be proactive about keeping your details private.
  • Change your name.
    • Getting a new identity is a big deal. Changing your name doesn't have to be. An outside vendor can handle the process quickly and easily for you, so you can stay home and work on your new signature.
  • Commission a background check.
    • Compiling a background check is a perfect pastime if you enjoy translating complicated legislation, spending hours scrolling through endless documents, and dealing with the different protocols of numerous agencies across a number of states. If you'd rather spend your time relaxing, you may want to hire a private company to help you.
  • Obtain your criminal record.
    • Don't be found guilty of wasting time looking for these documents when you can hire an outside business to do it for you, saving you energy and frustration.
  • Find court records.
    • The verdict is in: utilizing the expertise of a specialized company is the smarter and easier way to find these records.
  • Get public records.
    • Scanning for the right public records in the sea of online documents is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. A private business is the equivalent of a metal detector—it can zero in on what you need right away.
  • Order vital records.
    • They're called vital for a reason: you can't get higher forms of ID without these, so it's important to have them at the ready. An outside vendor will be able to supply them to you quickly and easily, including such papers as:
      • Birth records.
      • Death records.
      • Marriage records.
      • Divorce records.
  • Get your international driver's permit.
    • Driving in and around America is a unique experience for any visitor. Don't miss out on it, especially when you can hire someone else to prepare your license for you.

Driver's Ed in Tennessee

If knowledge is power, then the driving courses available in Tennessee should be considered as strong as any steam boat traveling the Mighty Mississippi. The skills and information could not only save time, money, and frustration, but possibly even lives. Private vendors in TN offer all of the following classes and materials:

TN Miscellaneous Services

There's plenty more you can get done from the comfort of your own home computer, both through the Tennessee DOS and with help from other companies.


  • Schedule your road test.
  • Add or adjust emergency contact information.

Third Parties

  • Pay a traffic ticket.
    • Dealing with the fallout of a ticket is not only demoralizing but time consuming. Skip out on dealing with both by letting a private company handle the hassle for you.
  • Find a traffic ticket attorney.
    • Wrongly cited? Don't stand idly by. An experienced attorney will be able to fight for your rights.
  • Hire a DUI attorney.
    • Facing a charge this serious is one of the most stressful situations a person can be in—but you don't have to face it alone. A practiced DUI lawyer will help you get through the daunting process.
  • Fast-track your passport.
    • Hot travel deals typically don't last. Don't miss out on one because you wouldn't have your passport on time. When it comes to getting the paperwork processed, work on your own schedule, not the government's.
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