Motorcycle Manual in Tennessee

SUMMARY: Tennessee Motorcycle Manual

The Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS) offers a handbook called the Motorcycle Operator Manual (REV 2023) that includes information about how to safely operate a motorcycle. Once you study the material, you'll be better prepared to pass your written and road skills exams when you apply for a TN motorcycle license.

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About the TN Motorcycle Operator Manual

Within the Motorcycle Operator Manual (REV 2023), you'll read about rules of the road, traffic signs, and motorcycle licensing tests in Tennessee. Other topics include:

  • Laws and rights regarding your motorcycle.
  • Wearing the right gear (such as helmet and goggles).
  • Knowing your motorcycle (such as windshield, headlights/taillights, mirrors, etc.).
  • Rider responsibilities.
  • Group riding.
  • Dangerous driving conditions (i.e., surfaces, objects on the road, etc.).
  • Being in good physical condition for riding.
  • DMV knowledge and road tests.

Apply for a Tennessee Motorcycle License

NOTE: If the motorized bicycle you operate is 50 cc or less, you do NOT need a motorcycle endorsement.

To apply for your TN motorcycle license, you must be at least 16 years old. Depending on your situation, you may be required to pass any or all of the following tests:

  • Regular rules of the road knowledge test (see the TN Driver's Manual).
  • Vision screening.
  • Motorcycle knowledge test.
  • Pre-trip motorcycle inspection.
  • Skills/road test.

Visit our Motorcycle Licenses page to learn about application requirements in Tennessee.

Types of Motorcycle Licenses

  • Motorcycle only (Class M).
  • Motorcycle-secondary (Class M).
  • Motor-drive cycle (Class M-limited).
  • Motorized bicycle (no endorsement required).
  • Motorcycle learner's permit (Class P-M).

When you're ready to apply for your motorcycle license, you may want to take our TN Motorcycle Practice Test or download a printable DMV Study Guide to prepare for the DOS tests.

FREE Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

When you finish reading the TN Motorcycle Operator Manual, test your knowledge with these practice questions.

Sample Tennessee Motorcycle Test Question #1

The most important time to flash your brake lights is when:

a) The driver behind you is following too closely.
b) You need to slow your vehicle quickly.
c) A stop sign is ahead.
d) Your turn signals are not functioning.

(Answer: b)

Sample Tennessee Motorcycle Test Question #2

To signal there's a hazard on the road, you'll need to point with:

a) The hand on either side.
b) Both hands.
c) Either your left hand or right foot.
d) Either your left foot or right hand.

(Answer: c)

Sample Tennessee Motorcycle Test Question #3

With a Class M motorcycle only license, you can operate any 2 or 3 wheeled motorcycle with a engine size over:

a) 100 cc.
b) 110 cc
c) 125 cc.
d) 150 cc.

(Answer: c)

The TN Motorcycle Manual offers some additional sample questions. You can also visit our Practice Tests page for a full motorcycle practice test to prepare for the Tennessee DOS knowledge test.

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