Lost Traffic Ticket in Tennessee

In order to find TN lost traffic ticket information with the traffic court presiding over your case, be prepared to verify some personal information such as your name, address, and driver's license and license plate numbers. You will also need to record important ticket information such as your citation number, ticket fine, payment deadline, court date (if applicable) and more.

Contact the TN Traffic Court

Conduct your traffic ticket search with the court presiding over your ticket. Typically, the municipal court or the general sessions court in the area where you received the citation is the court that will handle your traffic ticket.

Refer to Tennessee's judicial district map for the presiding court's contact information.

If YOU DON'T REMEMBER where you got the ticket or which court is handling it, try to remember the type of officer who pulled you over; generally, general sessions courts work with the sheriff's department and highway patrol, while municipal courts work with city and other police officers.

Also, you can think about where you driving when you were pulled over, try to remember any notable landmarks, and ask any passengers who were with you.

Gather TN Citation Details

Once you find your presiding court, it's crucial you gather the following details so you can respond to your TN traffic ticket by the deadline and avoid additional penalties:

  • Your court date or deadline to plead.
    • Some violations require a court appearance; if yours does, ask for court's location and your date and time.
    • Otherwise, you have a deadline to either plead “guilty" and pay your fine or plead “not guilty" and schedule a hearing.
  • Each traffic ticket details, including:
    • Your violation(s).
    • The traffic ticket or citation number.
    • The location, date, and time you received the ticket.
    • The police officer's name and his or her law enforcement agency.
  • All citation payment details, including:
    • Exactly how much you owe. This includes your TN traffic ticket fine as well as any additional fees and surcharges.
    • Where and how you can pay.
Remember, not responding to your ticket in the appropriate amount of time will lead to hard penalties.

Respond to Your TN Traffic Ticket

Now that you know your presiding court and your TN citation details, it's time to respond to your traffic ticket.

Visit our following sections which outline your options:

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