Paperwork When Selling a Car in Tennessee

Paperwork Required to Sell a Car in Tennessee

So, you've decided to sell your car in Tennessee. Now what? It's not the simplest exchange, but it certainly doesn't have to be stressful because we've done the research and prep work so you don't have to.

Selling a Vehicle in Tennessee

Even though the bulk of your efforts will be spent polishing, marketing, and negotiating, the sale of your car isn't official until you complete the title transfer. Signing over your car title is pretty simple. Both you and the buyer will fill out the information requested on the back of the title certificate—often referred to as the title assignment.

If either of you makes a mistake while filling out the document, you will need to properly correct the error with a notary present. The proper, acceptable method for correcting mistakes is to draw a line through the error and write the correct information in the closest space available. A notarized statement from the offending party must be submitted with your application.

Never erase or whiteout an error anywhere on the certificate of title. Doing so voids the entire document, requiring the owner to order a duplicate title before the transfer can proceed.

For more information about preparing for a sale and avoiding costly, time-consuming mistakes, read this helpful Guide to Selling Your Car.

Required Documents in Tennessee

When selling a car in Tennessee, you will need to provide the buyer with a completed:

The buyer may also request a bill of sale that includes your name, date of sale, and sales price.

Duplicate Tennessee Title Certificate

To replace a lost or destroyed car title, you must complete an Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form RV-F131520). Applications can be filed in person or via mail to the office of your local TN county clerk.

If filing in person, your application must be accompanied by proof of identification such as your Tennessee driver's license or birth certificate. For a complete list of accepted documents proving your identity, visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue website.

Whether filing your application by mail or in person, you will also need to include proof of any liens discharged on the vehicle, as well as a check payment for the $14 fee. Additional county fees may also apply.

The state recommends that lien holders and out-of-state applicants apply in person, at the office of the county clerk closest to the owner's most recent Tennessee residence.

For more information, see our Replacing a Lost Title in Tennessee page.

Vehicle History Report

Car buyers in the U.S. lose billions to odometer fraud every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA). What's even more frustrating than this loss is how easily it could have been avoided. That's why it's the seller's responsibility to be up front about any known issues a vehicle may have.

One of the best ways to show you are on the up and up is to obtain a vehicle history report that you can show to prospective buyers.

Forms for Easy Download

Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form RV-F1317001)

Application for a Duplicate Certificate of Title (Form RV-F131520)

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Odometer Disclosure Statement
Use this form to disclose the amount of miles on your vehicle when transferring ownership to someone else.
Application for Noting of Lien, Duplicate Title, or Multipurpose Use
Use this form to request a duplicate/replacement TN vehicle title.
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