Salesperson License in Tennessee

How to Get a License

Anyone wishing to becoming a vehicle salesperson for a dealer must be licensed through the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC).

After being accepted for employment through a dealer, a prospective salesperson must complete a Application for License for Motor Vehicle Salesperson. This can be completed through the Department of Commerce and Insurance Online Licensing Services System.

The fee for the license is $35. If you lose your license you will have to apply for a replacement through the Online Licensing Services System and pay a $25 fee. 

License Information

The license is valid for work with only one dealer. If you leave the dealership, you'll need to relinquish your license to the dealer, who will return it to the MVC.

If you go to work for another dealer, you will need to repeat the application process, and pay the $35 fee again.

Licenses can be renewed at a cost of $35 by using your account through the Online Licensing Services System.

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