Dealer Forms in Tennessee

We can't train you to be a motor vehicle dealer; however, with this section, along with our Licensing Requirements and Dealer-related Information sections and Tennessee's Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) website , we can help you by giving you the tips and tools to get you headed in the right direction.

Fortunately, the following dealer forms and other publications are available online.

Applications and Forms

    Note that the dealer application is also used for adding additional line makes and as a relocation application.


    Regarding dealers, Tennessee provides all rules using the Adobe Reader and laws 55-17-101 through 125 and 55-17-201 through 204 using LexisNexis.

    Note that when using LexisNexis, you must search for the above laws.

    For more information, or to request any forms or publications, call the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission at (615) 741-2711 or write to them at:

    • Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission
    • 500 James Robertson Pkwy
    • Nashville, TN 37243

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