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For a low monthly fee, you can access the traffic tickets, moving violations, and court documents of anyone in the U.S.

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Speed through handling traffic tickets with our guide
to paying fines, reducing points, hiring an attorney,
attending traffic school and more.

Traffic School

Traffic School

Possibly reduce insurance rates and driving record points with traffic school.

Driving Record

Check Your License Status

Quickly obtain your driver record to check for tickets, points and the status of your license.

Pay Your Traffic TicketPay Traffic Ticket

Avoid fines and penalties by learning how to pay your traffic ticket. Some states let you do it online. Check now.

Traffic Ticket AttorneysTraffic Ticket Attorneys

Thinking about fighting your traffic ticket? We explain the benefits of hiring an attorney, and we can help you find one.

DUI AttorneysDUI Attorneys

A DUI or DWI is a serious offense. You'll want sound legal representation, so we tell you how to find it.

Defensive DrivingDefensive Driving

Find out if you're eligible for a Defensive Driving course, and if you can take your course online. Save time and money.

Traffic Ticket FAQTraffic Ticket FAQ

If you have questions about traffic tickets, we have the answers in our comprehensive Traffic Ticket FAQ.

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