Taxis, Uber, Lyft

Find information about driving for hire. Learn what it takes to be a taxi, Uber, or Lyft driver and start getting paid to drive.

In This Section
  • Driving a Taxi Cab

    Interested in becoming a taxi driver? Here are some qualities that all good cab drivers need to have, as well as some benefits of driving a taxi for a living.

  • Becoming a Chauffeur

    Chauffeurs and personal professional drivers can enjoy a level of autonomy that’s very appealing. Here’s some basic information on what to expect as a chauffeur.

  • Getting a 5-Star Uber Rating

    Good ratings are essential to Uber drivers. Follow these tips for getting a 5-star Uber rating from your clients.

  • Becoming a Lyft Driver

    Wondering how to drive for Lyft? Here is the basic information about becoming a Lyft driver, including vehicle, driver, and application requirements.

  • Becoming an Uber Driver

    Interested in learning how to become an Uber driver? Below are some guidelines and tips to help you get started making money behind the wheel.

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