Replacing a Lost License in South Dakota

Replacing a Lost License in South Dakota

When you find yourself suddenly missing your driver's license, it can be a very stressful experience. Your driver's license is one of your primary forms of identification, and it is necessary for legally driving, opening bank accounts, and more.

Thankfully, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety (DPS) makes the process of replacing a stolen or lost SD driver's license as straightforward as possible.

Read below to learn what every driver should know in the event his or her South Dakota driver's license is lost or stolen.

REAL ID Requirements in South Dakota

The South Dakota DPS complies with the REAL ID Act of 2005, meaning it provides applicants with REAL ID-compliant driver licenses. REAL ID driver’s licenses meet the federal identification requirements required for tasks such as entering federal buildings and boarding domestic commercial flights. Without a REAL ID, you'll need to bring your passport or birth certificate for such activities after October 1, 2021.

For more details, visit the DPS' guide to required REAL ID documents.

How to Replace a Driver's License in South Dakota

If you need to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged South Dakota driver's license, you may go in person to a SD DPS driver exam station or replace your license by mail.* Keep in mind, the expiration date on your duplicate SD license will remain the same.

* There are restrictions on the types of licenses that are eligible for replacement by mail. Please see "By Mail" below for details.

In Person License Replacement

To replace your lost or stolen South Dakota driver's license at your local DPS office, you will need to bring the following:

  • $15 replacement driver's license fee.
    • Be prepared to pay your fee by cash or check as the examiner's offices do not accept debit or credit cards.
  • 1 document that proves your identity, birthdate, and lawful presence in the U.S. This document can be:
    • A U.S. birth certificate (the original or a certified copy).
    • An unexpired U.S. passport.
  • 1 document to verify your Social Security number, such as:
    • Your Social Security card.
    • A W-2.
  • 2 documents that confirms your South Dakota residency, such as:
    • A utility bill for your SD address.
    • A credit card statement showing your SD address.
      • NOTE: Minors can show proof of a parent's address.

The SD DPS website provides a complete list of approved documents that you can bring verify your identity and residency. The South Dakota DPS does not accept photocopies of your documents.

NOTE: If you need to obtain a replacement South Dakota CDL license, please read our page about Replacing a Lost CDL.

By Mail License Replacement

You can replace your South Dakota driver's license by mail IF:

  • You have been issued a federally compliant driver's license.
  • You are on active duty in the military or a military dependent (regardless of license type).

To apply for a duplicate SD driver's license by mail, you must send:

  • A completed and signed South Dakota Driver License/I.D. Card Application.
  • A copy of your federally compliant SD driver's license OR copies of 2 documents of identity, such as:
    • Your valid U.S. passport.
    • Your birth certificate (a certified copy or the original).
  • Copies of 2 documents that show your South Dakota address, such as:
    • A utility bill for your address.
    • A credit card statement.
  • Payment for the $15 fee.
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The South Dakota DPS website provides a complete list of approved documents to verify your identity and residency.

Mail all of your application materials to:

Driver Licensing
118 West Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

Report a Lost or Stolen SD License

Reporting a lost, stolen, or damaged driver's license helps to start a paper trail in the case that anyone tries to use your driver's license illicitly, such as trying to steal your identity or committing fraud.

If you are concerned about identity theft, contact the police department where the loss or theft occurred to file a police report.

For more information, see the website of the South Dakota Attorney General, which has helpful tips about identity theft, including both how to prevent it as well as what to do if you think you might be a victim of such a crime.

Out-of-State License Replacement

If you happen to lose your SD driver's license while you're located in another state, you may be able to replace it by mail provided that you meet the licensing requirements listed above in the " By Mail" section.

If you're looking for a temporary permit to extend the expiration of your driver's license, call the Department of Public Safety at (605) 773-6883 or at (605) 773-6883.

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