License Renewal in South Dakota

Renew Your Driver's License in South Dakota

Renewing your South Dakota driver's license (also called an operator's license) before it expires is necessary if you'd like to continue driving legally in the state.

You must also carry adequate car insurance, such as liability insurance in South Dakota. Visit our Insurance Center to get a car insurance policy that meets SD requirements, and start paying a lower auto insurance rate.

REAL ID Requirements in South Dakota

The South Dakota DPS complies with the REAL ID Act of 2005, meaning it provides applicants with REAL ID-compliant driver licenses. REAL ID driver’s licenses meet the federal identification requirements required for tasks such as entering federal buildings and boarding domestic commercial flights. Without a REAL ID, you'll need to bring your passport or birth certificate for such activities after October 1, 2021.

For more details, visit the DPS' guide to required REAL ID documents.

When to Renew Your SD Driver's License

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety will mail or e-mail you a renewal notice before your SD driver's license expires. However, you should still be aware of when you need to renew.

Your South Dakota driver's license will expire every 5 years on your birthday. You can renew it up to 180 days before the expiration date.

Your requirements may differ based on the status and validity of your license, outlined further below.

If you've already renewed you driver's license, you can check the status of its processing by contacting the SD DPS.

Valid Driver Licenses

Your SD driver's license is valid for 5 years and expires on your birthday. However, if you're turning 21 years old, your license will expire 30 days after your birthday.

Even if your SD driver's license is valid, it's still a good idea to find out what's on your driving record in South Dakota. Visit our page about South Dakota driving records for more information.

Expired Driver's License

Do NOT drive on an expired South Dakota driver license.

If your South Dakota driver license is expired the SD DPS will require you to take a knowledge test.

If an officer issues you a traffic ticket while driving on an expired SD driver license, you should read about traffic tickets in South Dakota and South Dakota driving records.

Suspended Driver's License

If you have a suspended driver's license in South Dakota, the SD DPS requires you to surrender it before your reinstatement date can be established. You cannot renew your suspended SD driver's license until it is reinstated.

Your reinstatement fee in South Dakota will range from $50 to $200. For more information, visit our Suspended License in South Dakota page.

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Lost or Stolen Driver's License

If you've lost your South Dakota driver's license, you may still be able to renew it if you know your driver's license number.

Do not drive without a valid driver's license. Read our page about replacing a lost license in South Dakota to find out how to apply for a duplicate SD driver's license.

Renew Your South Dakota Driver's License

You may renew your license online, by mail or in person depending on how you last renewed or if you have any changes to your information.

You may not renew online or by mail if you:

  • You have not applied in person in the last 10 years.
  • You are required to take a driving test.
  • You want to change your name.
  • You wish to change your license class, CDL class or endorsements.
  • Your status has been updated with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.)
  • You wear bioptic lenses.

Online Driver's License Renewal

To renew your South Dakota driver license online, you must have:

  • A federally compliant SD driver's license.
  • A vision test statement dated no more than 1 year if you are 65 years old or older.
  • Proof of your South Dakota residency on file with the SD DPS (no more than 1 year old).
    • If you do not have the documents on file you can upload, email, fax (605) 773-3018, or mail 2 documents to prove your residential/physical address. Military members and their dependents can use their out-of-state residential address or APO/FPO address.

If you meet the requirements above, you can renew your SD driver's license online every 10 years.

To renew online, visit the South Dakota DPS online renewal website. You'll need to provide:

  • Your SD driver's license number.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  • Payment for the $28 renewal fee and the $2 or 2.95% (whichever is greater) administrative fee.
    • Must be made by VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card.

By Mail Driver's License Renewal

You may renew by mail if you:

  • Are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Your driver's license is unexpired and a federally compliant license with a gold star in the upper right corner.

If you meet these quailification you will need to:

  • Complete a license application form. (Don't forget to sign and date the bottom of the form.)
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope to mail your renewed license.
  • Include 2 documents proving your residential address. Active military members and their dependents may use 2 documents with their out-of-state residential address or APO/EPO address.
    • These documents can be no more than 1 year old and must be in your name.
  • Proof of military status (if applicable).
  • A vision statement dated no more than 1 year is required If you’re 65 years old or older.

Along with the completed application and residency documents please include the fee for your license renewal:

  • Class 1, 2 or 3: $28.
  • Class A, B or C: $33. Hazmat endorsement cannot be renewed by mail.

Make your checks payable to “Department of Public Safety” and mail to:

Driver Licensing Program
118 West Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

In-Person Driver's License Renewal

Before renewing your SD driver's license in person, you can schedule an appointment.

Schedule your renewal appointment either online, by email or by calling (605) 773-6883.

To renew your South Dakota driver license in person, visit your local SD DPS office.

If you already have a federally compliant SD driver's license (showing a gold star in the upper right-hand corner), you will need:

  • Your SD driver's license.
  • 2 documents to prove your SD residency.
  • A completed Vision Statement (no more than 1 year old.)
    • If your form is not current, you must take a vision test at the SD DPS.
  • Payment for the $28 renewal fee. See the Fees to Renew Your SD Driver's License section below.

If your SD driver's license doesn't have a gold star in the top right-hand corner, you will also need the following in addition to the above:

  • 1 document proving your identity, date of birth, and lawful U.S. presence, such as a:
    • Certified U.S. birth certificate (hospital-issued certifications are not accepted).
    • Valid U.S. passport.
    • Certificate of Naturalization.
  • 1 document proving your Social Security number, such as your:
    • Social Security card.
    • W-2 form.
    • SSA 1099 or Non-SSA 1099 forms.
  • 2 documents proving your SD residency (no more than 1 year old), such as a:
    • Utility bill.
    • Credit card statement.
    • Pay stub.

If you can't prove your SD address, find out if you are exempt by:

Documents must be originals. Photocopies will not be accepted. For a complete list of accepted documents, visit the SD DPS website.

Renewal for Non-U.S. Citizens

If you are a non-citizen, you must also show valid U.S. citizenship and immigration documents, such as:

  • Valid permanent resident card.
  • Valid employment authorization document.
  • Foreign passport and U.S. visa with your I-94.

If you have trouble obtaining the identification documents above, contact the the South Dakota DPS to see if you can apply for an extension or temporary permit.

Military Member Driver's License Renewal

Notice for Military Members Stationed in Germany

If you are currently stationed in Germany, please be aware that some states require you to have a valid U.S. driver's license in addition to your USAREUR license. Read our article for more information.

If you have a federally compliant SD driver's license (shows a gold star in the top right-hand corner), you can renew online or by mail while serving outside of South Dakota if you are:

  • An active-duty military member stationed out of state.
  • A spouse or dependent of an active-duty military member currently out of state.
  • Serving in the Peace Corps.
  • Serving as an overseas missionary.

Military service members and dependents may provide EITHER 2 documents proving your APO address OR 2 documents proving your out-of-state address. All other out-of-state personnel will need to provide 2 documents proving South Dakota residency.

Online Renewal

To renew online, follow the instructions in the online renewal portal and make sure to include the required appropriate proofs of residency.

Renewal by Mail

To renew your SD driver's license by mail, you must provide:

NOTE: All documents must be certified photocopies. The South Dakota DPS provides a complete list of accepted documents.

Mail the above to:

Driver Licensing Program
118 West Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

Out-of-State South Dakota Residents

If you're a South Dakota resident temporarily out of state, you can extend your regular SD driver's license if you can't renew it online or by mail.

Contact the South Dakota DPS to see if you're eligible for a temporary driver's license extension.

If you're out of state due to military obligations or you're serving in the Peace Corps or as an overseas missionary, see the Military Member Driver's License Renewal section above.

Fees to Renew Your SD Driver's License

It will cost you $28 to renew your South Dakota driver's license for 5 years.

Accepted Payment Methods

At the SD DPS offices, you can pay by:

  • Cash.
  • Personal check payable to the “Department of Public Safety."
  • Money order.

NOTE: Credit and debit cards are NOT accepted.

For South Dakota online transactions, you can pay with:

  • VISA credit/debit card.
  • MasterCard credit/debit card.

For mail-in transactions, payment must be made by check payable to the “Department of Public Safety."

Contact your South Dakota DPS office to find out exactly which payment methods are acceptable when renewing your SD driver's license.

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