DMV Practice Tests in South Dakota

SUMMARY: DMV Practice Tests in South Dakota

Here you'll learn all about DMV practice tests, details of the various practice tests available in South Dakota, and how these tests can help prepare you for the written exam at the DPS.

What Is a Practice Test?

A practice test is an enhanced study tool you can use to prepare yourself for your written knowledge test at the Department of Public Safety.

The DPS driver handbook informs all the questions you'll see on your practice test, so you can be assured that on exam day you'll walk in prepared to ace your test.

Why Take a Practice Test?

If you're preparing for the South Dakota written exam, the DPS suggests studying the SD driver manual.

While the manual is a great place to start, a practice test is a better tool for testing yourself and your knowledge of the important key points you'll need to remember.

Taking a practice test helps you learn and review the rules of the road, and you'll remember the information you study longer than if you only read it through in the manual.

When taking your practice test, you can elect to either:

  • Get answers to your questions as you answer them.
    • This will allow you to study and learn as you go.
  • Take a full test and see your score at the end.
    • This will mimic the experience you'll have on test day.

As mentioned above the questions you'll find on these tests are taken directly from the South Dakota driver's manual. Here are a few examples:

Q. When can you drive off the main road to pass another driver?

A. Never. It is illegal to do so under any circumstances.

Q. When are your required to show proof of insurance to a law enforcement officer?

A. If you are involved in an accident or are stopped for a citation

What Types of Practice Tests Are Offered?

Multiple types of practice tests are offered for you to choose from. You can pick the type of course(s) you need based on your license type and also how many questions you wish to have.

The standard practice test comes with 50 questions, but if you want additional practice you can upgrade to a test with 100 questions.

See the list below for the types of courses from which you can pick:

  • Permit Practice Tests. Those seeking an instruction permit will benefit from these tests that include questions on basic traffic laws, road signs, and safe driving.
  • Driver's License Practice Tests. Created for drivers seeking a new license or who need a refresher to retake their written exam for any reason.
  • Motorcycle Practice Test. These exams will cover the operating guidelines specific to motorcycle riders.
  • CDL Practice Test. Commercial drivers can use these exams to learn the rules specific to commercial vehicles.
  • CDL Endorsement Practice Tests. Created for South Dakota drivers who need specific endorsements on their CDL. These are endorsements are often required for professional drivers.
  • Road Sign Practice Tests. Created to increase a driver's familiarity with signs they may come across on South Dakota roadways, and on the written test.
  • Examen De Practica Para La Licencia (Practice Tests in Spanish). These tests will are geared toward Spanish-speaking residents.

About the SD Written Exam

Once you're confident that you've spent sufficient time studying your practice test, it's time to go down to the DPS to take your written exam. Although you're not required to make an appointment, it's always a good idea. You can use our DPS Office Finder to locate the office nearest you.

It's important to note that the South Dakota written exam is composed of questions that cover safe-driving practices and rules of the road.

You'll need to answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass, and you'll be given 3 attempts to pass the test.

For more information, please refer to one of the following tests:

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