Online Services in South Dakota

In South Dakota, the Department of Revenue (DOR) handles your motor vehicle administrative needs while the Department of Public Safety (DPS) handles your driver's license needs. The SD state agencies offer residents the opportunity to transact online, but typically if you want to finish your tasks from home, you'll have to use a third party vendor.

We've included a complete list of services both the state and private businesses can help you with, so you have the most information possible when choosing where to complete your transaction.

South Dakota Vehicle Services

To be street-legal in America, your car needs a number of up-to-date documents. The South Dakota DOR publishes a list of services they offer online, but you can also look to a number of private companies to help you. Below is a list of who offers which services.


  • Renew vehicle registration.
  • Get an estimate for vehicle registration costs.
  • Request a permit to sell a vehicle.
  • Report a vehicle's sale.
  • Update contact information.
  • Online truck permit system (CDL).

Third Parties

  • Auto insurance.
    • An unavoidable truth: you need car insurance to drive in America, and you must buy it from private companies. Luckily, there are plenty of great options that will let you order your policy online.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
    • Motorcyclists need insurance to hit the road. Find the best plan for you and order it, from the comfort of your own home.
  • Vehicle history report, for:
    • Autos.
    • Motorcycles.
    • RVs.
    • An invaluable tool if you're looking to purchase a used car, and one you can only buy through a third party vendor if you live in South Dakota.
  • VIN check.
    • Another way to ensure that great deal you have your eye on isn't a lemon in disguise. You can only order one in SD through private companies.

SD License & Personal Records

Of course, you need up-to-date paperwork in order to drive. To get your license in the first place you'll often need to show other vital documents. In SD, the DPS handles licenses and other identification cards. The state has a portal dedicated to these various government-related online services.

DPS and Other State Agencies

  • Renew driver's license.
  • Order vital records, including:
    • Birth records.
    • Death records.
    • Marriage records.
    • Divorce records.

Third Parties

  • Driving records.
    • Want to see yourself the way insurance companies do? You'll need a copy of your driving record, and you can only buy one in South Dakota through a third party vendor.
  • Identity theft.
    • The crime has already touched millions, and its effects can be devastating. Don't be the next victim. Be proactive about keeping your personal information private.
  • Name change.
    • After a marriage or divorce, this process can be just as stressful as it is important. Let a third party help you, and let yourself relax.
  • Background check.
    • Find out which parts of your past are written in stone. With help from a private business, the process can be quick, easy, and make sure no stone goes unturned.
  • Criminal record check.
    • These types of documents can be difficult to track down. A private company with experience in this world will be able to find everything you need, saving you time and stress.
  • Court records.
    • Another area where knowing protocol is key. Find a company that has been there before, they can return your results quickly and easily.
  • Public records.
    • Just because they're public doesn't mean they're easy to find. But, third party vendors specializing in digging them up will have no problem getting you all the information you need.
  • Vital records, including:
    • Birth records.
    • Death records.
    • Divorce records.
    • Marriage records.
    • Going through the state for this type of information can lead you through a bureaucratic maze with long wait times to boot. Private companies work for you alone, so they can finish the work faster.
  • International driver's permit.
    • Let yourself bask in the excitement of planning an overseas trip, and let a private company deal with the tedious task of arranging an international permit.

Driver's Ed in South Dakota

These services are only offered through private businesses in SD, but just because they're not run by the state, don't think they're unimportant. Driver's education is helpful at worst and can be lifesaving at best. Thankfully, there are plenty of South Dakota programs where you can learn more about driving a number of vehicles, including:

SD Miscellaneous Services

There are plenty of other helpful transactions you can make without leaving the comfort of your own home, offered by both the SD DPS and third parties.


  • Report an accident.
  • Schedule a road test.


  • Hire a DUI attorney.
    • It's a situation no one wants to be in, but finding an experienced lawyer can be a huge weight off your shoulders—and help you find your way out of a tough spot.
  • Passport expedition.
    • Passports are extremely important identifying documents, which is why going through the government to secure one is such a long process. A private business that knows the ropes can cut that time down for you immensely, and get you on a plane as soon as possible.
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