Motorcycle Manual in South Dakota

SUMMARY: South Dakota Motorcycle Manual

The South Dakota Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) provides a comprehensive guide on safe motorcycle operation called the Motorcycle Manual (REV 2015) to help new and experienced riders pass the written and road skills tests.

Keep reading this page to learn about the South Dakota motorcycle manual.

About the SD Motorcycle Manual

The material found in the Motorcycle Manual (REV 2015) is designed to help you understand the traffic laws, road signs, and driver's licensing process in South Dakota. In addition to details about obtaining a motorcycle license, you'll learn about:

  • Wearing the proper gear.
  • Basic motorcycle control.
  • Avoiding a crash.
  • Handling dangerous surfaces.
  • Flying objects.
  • Carrying passengers.
  • Riding in a group.

Whether you're a novice or experienced motorcycle rider, there is a lot you can learn from reading the handbook.

South Dakota Motorcycle Written Test

To get your SD motorcycle license, you must pass a knowledge test on the rules of the road and safe driving practices as shown in the motorcycle handbook.

You are allowed 3 attempts to pass the test before you must pay the testing fee again. If you fail the written test, you cannot try again until the next working day.

For additional practice, take our Motorcycle Practice Test or download an online DMV Study Guide. To learn more about SD motorcycle licensing requirements, see our Motorcycle License in South Dakota page.

NOTE: You can also read more about the rules of the toad on the South Dakota Department of Public Safety (DPS) website.

Free SD Motorcycle Practice Test Questions

Before taking the written test in South Dakota, try answering these free sample DMV practice test questions:

Sample South Dakota Motorcycle Test Question #1

What does a steady yellow traffic light mean?

a) The intersection is clear.
b) The traffic light is going to change to red.
c) You must begin to slow down.
d) Stop completely.

(Answer: b)

Sample South Dakota Motorcycle Test Question #2

Which of the following are no-parking zones?

a) In an intersection.
b) Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
c) Within 30 feet of a traffic signal.
d) All of the above.

(Answer: d)

Sample South Dakota Motorcycle Test Question #3

If you're going to park on a hill facing upwards, you must:

a) Park perpendicular to the curb.
b) Find another parking spot.
c) Set the parking brake and turn your wheels away from the curb.
d) Set the parking brake and turn your wheels toward the curb.

(Answer: c)

After reading the South Dakota motorcycle manual, try passing a complete DMV motorcycle practice test to prepare for the written exam.

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