Car Registration in South Dakota

SUMMARY: How to Register Your Car in South Dakota

Registering your vehicle in SD must be done in person at a DMV office. You will various documents including proof of your ownership. The fees for registration are based on vehicle type, age, and weight.

Read below for more information about registering a car in South Dakota.

New to South Dakota?

You have 90 days from the day you move to the state to title and register your vehicle with the South Dakota Motor Vehicle Division (DMV).

To register your vehicle, you'll need:

Submit your documents in person at your local South Dakota county treasurer's office.

How to Register a Car in South Dakota

If you buy a vehicle from a dealer or in a private sale, you must register it with the SD DMV within 30 days of the sale date.

Usually, your vehicle dealer will take care of registration and titling paperwork for you. However, it is important to know what paperwork is required.

If you buy a vehicle privately, you'll need to submit registration and title documents yourself.

Make sure you have an active car insurance policy when registering your vehicle.

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To register and title a vehicle, you'll need:

Submit your documents in person at your South Dakota county treasurer's office.

NOTE: If you buy a vehicle outside of SD, you'll follow the same registration process as new SD residents.

Motorcycle Registrations

You must also register motorcycles and similar vehicles, including mopeds and motorbikes, with the South Dakota DMV.

Learn more about registration requirements for motorcycles, mopeds, and other motorized cycles on our Motorcycle Registrations page.

Other Vehicle Registrations

Most motorized vehicles must be registered in South Dakota, including:

  • Snowmobiles.
  • Trailers.
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs).
  • Motorhomes.

Registration requirements may differ. See complete details on our Other Vehicle Registrations page.

License Plates

Once you register your vehicle in SD, you'll receive a standard South Dakota license plate.

The SD DOR also offers several types of special license plates. Applying for special plates usually requires additional forms and fees.

Fees to Register Your Car in SD

Registration fees in South Dakota are based on the type, age, and weight of your vehicle. Examples of fees include:

  • Non-commercial vehicles weighing up to 4 tons:
    • 9 years old: $75.60.
    • 10 years old or older: $50.40.
  • Motorcycles under 350 CC:
    • 0 through 9 years old: $18.
    • 10 years old and older: $12.60.

The SD DMV provides a fee table for non-commercial vehicles and a fee table for motorcycles with fees for each weight and age category.

Other fees include:

  • Title fee: $10.
  • Solid waste fee: $1.
  • Highway patrol fee: $1.
  • Lien notation fee IF your vehicle is financed: $10.
  • Mailing fee IF tags are mailed to you: $7.50.

You'll also pay:

  • 4% excise tax (based on the price you paid) UNLESS you've paid tax to another state.
  • Any applicable SD local or county taxes.

For a fee total and local tax information, contact your South Dakota county treasurer.

Military Member Car Registrations

If you are a permanent South Dakota resident but stationed outside of the state, you can contact your county treasurer's office or the SD DMV at (605) 773-3541 for assistance with registering a vehicle.

If you are are a resident of another state but stationed in SD on active duty, contact the DMV at the number above for vehicle registration requirements.


Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration
Title and register your vehicle with the South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles.
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