Moving Out of State in South Carolina

Permanent Moves

Those leaving the Palmetto State on a permanent basis will need to hand over their driver's license when they receive a license from their new state.

Since individuals may only hold one current driver license, your new state will automatically alert the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the transaction, and the DMV will then cancel your South Carolina license.

Return Your Plates or Be Fined

After registering your vehicle in your new state, be sure to surrender your South Carolina plates by either handing them in to a DMV office location or sending them to the address listed on the Application to Replace License Plate or Expiration Year Decal (Form 452).

When mailing the plates, enclose a note stating that you want a receipt, and review our South Carolina license plates page for details on any additional information you may need to submit. You'll need this receipt to get a property tax refund, if applicable, from your county treasurer.

Make sure to surrender your plates to the DMV before you cancel your South Carolina liability insurance, or you may face a fine.

Just Moved?

Find all the information you need to finish your moving requirements with the DMV.

Temporary Moves

Those leaving the state on a temporary basis must notify the DMV of the change within 10 days of the move.

To do so, complete a change of address form and drop it off at a DMV office location, or mail it to:

  • SC Department of Motor Vehicles
  • P.O. Box 1498
  • Blythewood, SC 29016

You may also take care of the matter online.

By alerting the DMV to the address change, all your vehicle and driver records will automatically be updated to reflect the change.

No New Documents

However, you won't receive any new documents showing the change. If you're interested in receiving updated documents, too, follow the instructions given by the DMV.

Preparing for the Move

Make matters easier for yourself by either before or shortly after moving visiting our New to Your State? section, which tells you the driving-related tasks you need to do.

Military Information

Those in the military who will be temporarily living outside of South Carolina should check out our Drivers in the Military section for important registration and license information regarding their unique situation.


Application to Replace License Plate or Expiration Year Decal
Request replacement South Carolina license plates OR year decals from the DMV.
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