Online Services in South Carolina

Typically, driver services are handled through the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). But just because you must take care of a driving-related task doesn't mean a required trip to the DMV—some only require you to go as far as your home computer.

You can review the full list of online services offered by the DMV for more information. Depending on the service, you may need to enter your credit card number to pay for it, or provide additional personal information. You'll also need to provide one of the following to access the SC DMV's online services:

  • Driver's license number.
  • State identification card number.
  • License plate number.

Still, the government site is not the only place where you can access online services. Below is a full list of what the DMV offers, as well as the services provided by outside vendors.

SC Vehicle Services Online

Driving legally in America can be a complicated process. Your vehicle is subject to a number of rules and must have certain up-to-date paperwork at all times. Luckily, you can manage many of those documents online through the DMV and private parties.


  • Renew your registration.
  • Obtain a duplicate registration document.
  • Title your vehicle.
  • Order a duplicate title.

Third Parties

  • Auto insurance.
    • You can't escape it: driving in America requires car insurance. Ordering it online, however, can be a quick and easy process.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
    • Motorcycle riders need insurance to hit the road. While you can't buy any through the state, plenty of outside vendors can help you find the best policy.
  • Vehicle history report, available for:
    • Cars and trucks.
    • Motorcycles.
    • RVs.
    • An important way to make sure the used vehicle you're buying is everything the seller promises. These reports aren't available through the state, but paying a private company to generate one could save you thousands in otherwise unforeseen repairs.
  • VIN check.
    • Another way to ensure there are no hidden issues with the vehicle you have your sights set on, VIN checks can be quickly and easily attained online.

South Carolina License & Personal Records

Your car isn't the only thing that needs up-to-date paperwork to be considered street-legal—you do, as well. In order to get your license, you'll often need to present personal documents. Thankfully, in South Carolina you can request and manage nearly everything you need online, through both the DMV and private vendors, including:


  • Duplicate driver's license.
  • Driving record (points summary only).
  • Certified driving record.
  • Pay license reinstatement fees.
  • Verify payment plan eligibility.
  • Change your address on your:
    • Driver's license.
    • SC state ID card.

Third Parties

  • Driving records.
    • Using a private business to cultivate this information for you can be a faster and easier option than going through the bureaucracy involved at the state agency.
  • Identity theft.
    • As more of our lives move online, it becomes even easier for digital hackers to steal our personal information. Don't become the next victim of this growing crime.
  • Name change.
    • Having the correct name on your license or ID card is extremely important. Going through the state can be a lengthy and complicated process, but hiring an experienced company will let you relax while the details are taken care of.
  • Background check.
    • Conducting a background check is another complex process, and one that isn't offered by the state to boot. A professional, experienced business will be able to whip up your report in no time.
  • Criminal record check.
    • When asking for a criminal record check, make sure no stone goes unturned. An outside vendor will have plenty of tips and tricks to make sure you get as complete a report as possible.
  • Court records.
    • Courthouses frequently make for dreary atmospheres. Hiring a private business to collect court records for you will keep you from having to visit one.
  • Public records.
    • Public? Yes. Easy to find? Not necessarily. Let someone else worry about where to track down these documents when you work with a third party.
  • Vital records, including:
    • Birth records.
    • Death records.
    • Divorce records.
    • Marriage records.
    • These documents are typically the cornerstone for securing other official paperwork, such as your license. If you want them located quickly—and don't want to wait in line at crowded, slow-moving government offices—you can use a private business.
  • International driver's permit.
    • It's not easy planning a long-term overseas trip. Give yourself a little break by letting someone else worry about this detail.

SC Driver's Ed Services

Whether you're already driving or are looking for a license, driver's education can help. It will provide the skills you need to do anything from acing your exam on the first try—saving the time and money spent on retesting—to navigating tricky situations on the road, which could potentially save your life.

These services aren't available through state agencies, but there are plenty of private companies offering a number of different courses, including:

Miscellaneous SC Online Services

There are plenty of other things the SC DMV—and private businesses—can do for you.


  • Exchange license plate for vanity plates/new design.
  • Replace lost or stolen license plates.
  • Provide an emergency contact.

Third Parties

  • Hire a DUI attorney.
    • Getting charged with a DUI is one of the most stressful situations you can go through. Remove as much anxiety from the process as possible by finding an attorney who can help you navigate the legal system.
  • Passport expedition.
    • Your passport is one of the most important identifying documents you can have. As such, it often takes a long time for the government to process. A private company can help you tackle the process much more quickly.
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