Motorcycle Manual in South Carolina

SUMMARY: South Carolina Motorcycle Manual

The South Carolina motorcycle manual is located within the state's driver's manual. In the manual you can find information you will need to know to pass your permit knowledge test on your way to becoming a licensed motorcycle rider.

Riding a motorcycle requires knowledge and a skill set different than those required for driving a car.

It is important to understand that knowing how to drive a car is not the same as knowing how to operate a motorcycle. Learning to ride a motorcycle is its own endeavor, and your starting point should be your state's motorcycle manual.

South Carolina Motorcycle Manual

In South Carolina, the motorcycle handbook is part of the South Carolina Driver's Manual. You can find motorcycle-specific information under the “Motorcycles” section of the Department of Motor Vehicles driver's manual.

Here you can learn about:

  • The basic controls of a motorcycle, including how to:
    • Accelerate.
    • Shift gears.
    • Brake.
  • Protective gear and clothing, such as:
    • Eyewear.
    • Helmets.
    • Face shields.
    • Footwear.
  • Motorcycle safety, including:
    • Controlling your motorcycle through various common events.
    • Being aware and conspicuous.
    • Proper body positioning.
    • Maintaining safe distances from other vehicles.
    • Lane positioning.

Getting Your South Carolina Motorcycle License

When getting your SC motorcycle license, you must be prepared to take the following tests:

  • Written knowledge exam.
  • On-cycle skills test.

Written Knowledge Tests

In order to get your Class M license in South Carolina, you must first obtain a permit by passing a written knowledge test.

This knowledge test consists of multiple choice questions based on the information in the DMV motorcycle manual.

Reap the Benefits of Practice Tests!

Studying the DMV motorcycle manual is a great way to improve your chances of passing the knowledge test. However, if you want even better odds of passing the test, you should consider using helpful tools such as practice tests specific to your motorcycle permit exam.

Motorcycle practice tests are available for you to utilize in your test preparation, both as a study guide and a multiple-choice exam.

Skills Test

Once you are ready to get your motorcycle license, you will have to pass an on-motorcycle skills test to prove that you have the necessary skills to be a safe rider.

In addition to containing the material on which the knowledge test is based, the motorcycle manual also includes detailed information about what you will be tested on during your road test.

Riders wishing to operate a motorcycle with a sidecar must be tested with the sidecar attached.

For additional information, visit our SC Motorcycle License page.

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