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Motorcycle Insurance Minimum Requirements in South Carolina

Motorcycle Insurance in South Carolina

Motorcyclists are well aware of the risks involved in operating a motorcycle. With this in mind, it is not a surprise that most states require you to have motorcycle insurance for your bike. South Carolina is not an exception to this rule.

All registered vehicles in the state, including motorcycles, must be insured.

South Carolina Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

In order to ensure that you are financially responsible for property damage or bodily injury after an accident you cause, you must have motorcycle liability insurance.

Your motorcycle insurance policy must include the following minimum coverage limits per accident:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury, per person.
  • $50,000 for total bodily injury if multiple people are hurt.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

You should note that these are only the minimum limits. Generally, higher limits will be available to you at an increased premium rate.

You should especially consider purchasing higher limits if you own high-value assets that would be vulnerable in a post-accident lawsuit.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

South Carolina insurance laws also require you to have uninsured motorist coverage to help pay for your own injuries and property damage if you are in an accident caused by a driver who does not have insurance.

Minimum required limits for uninsured motorist coverage are equal to the required minimum limits of liability insurance (see above).

Optional Coverage

You may have noticed that liability motorcycle insurance in South Carolina does not cover your own property damage or injuries. Also, uninsured motorist coverage only covers your personal costs if an uninsured driver causes the accident.

As you get a motorcycle insurance quote, you might want to consider looking into optional types of coverage to help increase your financial protection.

The following are some common types of optional motorcycle insurance coverages:

  • Collision – This coverage will help with repairs to your bike if it is damaged in a crash.
  • Comprehensive – This covers damages that occur from several types of situations that are not accident-related, such as vandalism or theft.
  • Medical payments – This will help with medical costs if you are hurt in an accident.
  • Towing and labor – In case of a breakdown, this coverage can help provide and pay for roadside assistance and towing for your motorcycle.

Insurance Violations and Penalties

When you first register your motorcycle in South Carolina, you must provide the name of your motorcycle insurance company to the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will then verify electronically that you are carrying at least the minimum insurance requirements.

Your motorcycle insurance status will continue to be monitored through:

  • The electronic database.
    • Insurance companies are required to report cancellations of policies or lapses of insurance.
  • Traffic stops and accidents.
    • You must be able to provide proof of insurance to the law enforcement officer if you are pulled over or are involved in a collision.

If you violate South Carolina’s motorcycle insurance laws, you are subject to:

  • Traffic citations.
  • Possible imprisonment.
  • Suspension of your license.
  • Suspension of your registration privileges.

It is important to also understand that insurance violations can make it more difficult for you to find an insurance company willing to cover you, and once you do, you may have to pay higher-than-normal rates for your premium.

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