DMV Forms in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) provides many forms online, which can be downloaded below using the free Adobe Reader. Keep in mind, some forms are not available online and must be obtained in person. 

If you need help completing a form or can't find the one you're looking for, call the SCDMV at (803) 896-5000 or visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles office branch

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Most Requested Forms

Application for Certificate of Title and Registration for Motor Vehicle or Manufactured Home/Mobile Home
Apply for an original, transferred, OR duplicate (title only) South Carolina vehicle title and registration with this DMV form.
Application for a Beginner's Permit, Driver's License, or Identification Card (Non-Commercial Credential)
Use this DMV form to apply for a South Carolina learner's permit, driver's license, identification card, OR moped/motorcycle license. Can be used to request an original, renewal, duplicate, or correction.
Application for a Social Security Card
Application for a new, replacement, OR corrected Social Security card.

Driver's License & ID Forms

Affidavit for Lost/Surrendered Drivers License
Submit to the SC Department of Motor Vehicles if you lost OR must surrender your driver's license, learner's permit, or ID card.
Application for People Who Have a Hearing Impairment
Department of Motor Vehicle's application for a SC placard, learner's permit, AND/OR driver's license for the hearing impaired.
Certification of School Attendance, Drivers Education and Driving Practice
Use this South Carolina DMV form to certify your teen driver is enrolled in school and has received the proper driving instruction. Must be completed by a school employee (or legal guardian if home schooled) AND a driving instructor.
Change of Residency Affidavit
Use this affidavit if you're no longer a resident of South Carolina and want to transfer your driving credentials to your new state of residence.
Driver's License Renewal by Mail
If you qualify, use this form to renew your South Carolina driver's license by mail.
International Customers' Checklist
The DMV's checklist of required items for people from out-of-country who are applying for a SC identification card, learner's permit, or driver's license.
Report of Vision Screening for Non Commercial Beginner's Permit or Driver's License
You must complete this form if you don't pass the Department of Motor Vehicle's vision screening for a South Carolina driver's license. A licensed eye doctor must complete the form.
Route Restricted Driver's License Application
Apply for a route-restricted SC driver's license to drive to work OR school if your driving privileges were revoked.
Selective Service Requirement
Give consent for the SC Department of Motor Vehicles to send your information to the U.S. Selective Service if you meet age and gender requirements.

Title & Registration Forms

Affidavit for Rebuilt or Homemade Vehicle
When titling a kit car OR reconstructed vehicle in your name, the South Carolina DMV requires you to use this form to certify all the parts you used were acquired legally.
Affidavit of Ownership for a Motor Vehicle or Mobile Home
Use this DMV form to prove ownership of a vehicle, trailer, or mobile home you'd like to title in your name IF it doesn't have a previous title.
Application for 45 Day Temporary License Plate
Apply for temporary South Carolina license plates on a vehicle you recently purchased and have not yet registered.
Application for Duplicate Registration
Request a duplicate SC registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Application for Personalized License Plates
DMV application for personalized South Carolina license plates.
Application for Special License Plates
Apply for specialized license plates with the SC DMV.
Application for Special Serial Number
Apply for an assigned serial number for a homemade, replica, OR kit car through the SC Department of Motor Vehicles.
Application to Replace License Plate or Expiration Year Decal
Request replacement South Carolina license plates OR year decals from the DMV.
Golf Cart Permit Registration
Apply for an original, replacement, OR renewal golf cart decal AND/OR registration through the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.
Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Certificate of Title Report
Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of a lost, stolen, or destroyed South Carolina vehicle title.
Request for Total Loss Salvage Title
Request a South Carolina salvage title from the DMV for a total loss vehicle.
Vehicle Identification Verification for Title Without a Previous Title
A South Carolina DMV agent or law enforcement officer will complete this form after verifying the VIN of a vehicle missing a title.

Buying & Selling Forms

Notice of Vehicle Sold
Notify the SC Department of Motor Vehicles when you've sold a vehicle. This form releases you from liability for the sold vehicle.

Ticket & Violations Forms

Request for Copy of Officer's Report
Request a copy of the police officer's report following an accident in South Carolina.
Request for Driver Information
Request SC DMV driver and/or vehicle records for yourself OR someone else for purposes allowed by law.
Traffic Collision Report
Complete this form if you were involved in an accident that resulted in significant damages (outlined on the form) AND South Carolina law enforcement did not investigate the incident.

Insurance Forms

FR-510 Application for Uninsured Motorist Registration
If you qualify, you can use this form to register as an uninsured motorist in South Carolina.

Commercial Forms

Affidavit of Previous Driver's License
Statement of all previous driver's licenses you've held prior to applying for a South Carolina CDL.
Application for a Commercial Drivers License
SC DMV application for a commercial learner's permit OR commercial driver's license.
CDL Medical Certification & Frequently Asked Questions
Submit to the SC Department of Motor Vehicles to self-certify as an excepted OR non-excepted interstate OR intrastate commercial driver.
Medical Examination Certificate
Medical exam certificate certain SC commercial drivers must carry with a CDL. Your doctor must complete the certificate.
Medical Examination Report for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination
Turn in this medical exam report as part of applying for your commercial driver's license in South Carolina. Must be completed by a physician.

Military Forms

Application for Military License Plate
Application for South Carolina military license plates.
CDL Skills Test Waiver for Military Personnel
CDL skills test waiver for members of the military who recently drove a commercial vehicle during their service. Must be completed by your commanding officer.

Disability Forms

Application for Personalized License Plate for People with a Disability
Request personalized SC disabled license plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Form must be completed by a doctor.
Disabled Placard and License Plate Application
Apply for an original, renewal, OR replacement disabled parking placard, plate, OR decal with the SC DMV.
Organization Disabled Placard and License Plate Application
South Carolina DMV application for original, replacement, OR renewed disabled plates OR placards for a vehicle belonging to an organization.

Voter Registration Forms

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request Federal Post Card Application
Register to vote AND request an absentee ballot if you're a SC resident currently living outside of the country. Mail the completed form to your local elections office.
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