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SUMMARY: South Carolina DUI Attorneys

A DUI attorney can be a helpful resource if you're charged with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs (DUI) in South Carolina. DUI consequences are stiff and can include fines, jail time, and other penalties.

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Hiring a SC DUI Attorney

Hiring a South Carolina lawyer that specializes in cases of driving under the influence (DUI) can help you navigate the legal system when you're arrested and charged with a DUI or similar offense.

A lawyer can help you through your court appearances, manage your paperwork, and advise you on the best course of action for your particular circumstances, such as what kind of plea to enter.

Not only can hiring a DUI lawyer save you time, it can also ensure that you fulfill all of your legal requirements and alleviate any confusion you may have once you're charged with a DUI.

DUI Charges in South Carolina

You can be arrested for a DUI if you're caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Additional charges can be added if you are involved in an accident, especially if that accident results in injury or death.

In SC, there are also laws against driving with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle and refusing to take a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test.

A DUI attorney can represent you if you are charged with a DUI or a similar offense.

SC DUI Penalties

Getting arrested for DUI has several consequences; BOTH the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the criminal court will take action.

First, the SC DMV will suspend your driver's license for:

  • 6 months for a 1st offense.
  • 1 year for a 2nd offense.
  • 6 months for refusing to submit to a BAC test.

You can request a South Carolina DMV hearing regarding your suspension. A DUI lawyer may be able to advise you or represent you in the hearing.

In addition to a SC driver's license suspension, a judge will order criminal penalties if you're convicted in a criminal court. Penalties may include:

  • An additional driver's license suspension.
  • Mandatory completion of an alcohol or drug education program.
  • A monetary fine.
  • Community service or jail time.

A DUI lawyer can often use their experience to help you understand:

  • The minimum or likely penalties you will face.
  • Methods and options for carrying out the penalties.
    • For example, in some cases you may be able to complete community service instead of serving time in jail.
  • Deadlines for paying fines or serving out other penalties.

The criminal court process can be complex and confusing. A South Carolina DUI attorney can help you understand your responsibilities before, during, and after legal proceedings.

Financial Penalties

The financial consequences of a DUI can be significant.

You'll pay $100 to have your SC driver's license reinstated on top of any court fees.

Insurance costs can also rise. DUI convictions often result in higher car insurance rates because you're a bigger risk to insure.

You'll probably also need an insurance certificate, called an SR-22, to have your license reinstated. Your insurance company will likely charge you for this.

Although an attorney can add to your cost, many people charged with a DUI find that the benefits and time savings are well worth the added expense.

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