Applying for Special Plates in South Carolina

SUMMARY: Apply for a South Carolina Specialty License Plate

In South Carolina, you can apply for specialty license plates online, by mail, or in person (depending on the plate). You can renew these plates when you renew your registration. Damaged plates or those that were never received can be remade; however, lost or stolen plates require replacement. Should you buy a new vehicle, you may transfer your special plates to your new car. Fees will vary by plate.

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offers a large amount of specialty plates for order. Continue reading to learn more about how to obtain these plates.

Applying for Specialty Plates in South Carolina

The SC DMV allows drivers to apply for specialty license plates:

  • Online.
  • Not available for all plates.
    • By mail.
  • In person.


Many, but not all, specialty plates are available for online order. Most plates that don't require proof of eligibility are available for online purchase.

Make sure to visit the SC DMV website to determine if you may apply for your desired plate online.

To order your SC specialty plate online:

  • Visit the online plate order page.
  • Follow the instructions to complete your order. You'll need:
    • Current plate number.
    • VIN.
    • Expiration date of your plates.
    • Address.
    • Current vehicle registration.
  • Pay the plate fee via credit card.

By Mail or In Person

To apply:

Renewing SC Specialty Plates

You can renew your specialty plates in South Carolina when you renew your vehicle registration. Note that you may have to pay your special plate fee at the time of renewal.

You must register your vehicle every 2 years.

For more detailed information, visit our Registration Renewal page.

Remaking & Replacing SC Special Plates

If your specialty plate is damaged, old, defective, or was never received, you may request a remake of your plate by completing and mailing a Request to Remake Personalized or Special License Plates (Form MV-97) to the address on the form.

Unless your plate was never received, you'll need to either:

  • Submit a color photo of your plate.
  • Bring your plates to your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to verify their condition.

If your plates were lost or stolen, you CANNOT request a remake. You must apply for replacement plates. To learn how, visit our South Carolina License Plates and Placards page.

Selling a Car with Specialty Plates

If you sell your car in South Carolina and buy a new one, you may transfer your SC custom license plates to your new vehicle.

Note that you must title and register your new vehicle within 45 days from the purchase date. In the meantime, prior to registering, you must have a temporary plate on your vehicle and keep one of the following in your car (original or copy):

  • Bill of sale.
  • Title.
  • Rental contract.

For more detailed information on transferring and surrendering plates, visit our License Plates and Placards page.

SC Specialty Plate Fees

Fees for special and personalized plates in South Carolina vary.

To find your fee, visit the SC DMV license plate gallery. The fee will be listed next to the plate.


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