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Summary: Traffic Safety Laws

Click your state to find information about seatbelt laws, child car seat laws, and cell phone laws. Check to see when your children can be in the front seat with a standard seatbelt and which car seats are appropriate for your child's age and weight.

Stay current on the safety laws in your state by clicking around on our page dedicated to that very subject.

With increased traffic (and in some cases, increased speed limits), the road doesn't always feel like the safest place. That's why we've put together this state-specific content to keep you and your family as informed and as safe as possible. We've gathered the latest information on topics such as child safety seat laws, cell phone laws, and motorcycle helmet requirements.

If you're planning a road trip that takes you across state lines, you'll also want to check this page for any prohibited practices that could land you a ticket. For example, just because your state might not ticket you for talking on the cell phone while driving, doesn't mean that the state next door won't nab you for not using hands-free equipment.

Get the facts, get 'em fast and feel safe getting on the road.

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