Replacing a Lost Registration in Rhode Island

If you’re missing your registration, plates, or stickers, you’ll need to replace them quickly to avoid an expensive ticket. Don’t worry, though, because the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles has a simple process for you to replace your lost or damaged items.

Replace a Lost RI Registration

The RI DMV allows you to request your duplicate registration either:

  • In person.
  • By mail.

Regardless of how you replace your registration, provide:

  • A completed Application for Registration and Title Certificate (Form TR-1).
    • Get your signature notarized if you are mailing your form.
  • A photocopy of your:
    • Rhode Island driver’s license.
    • Proof of auto insurance.
  • Payment for the $19.50 registration replacement fee.
    • If you’re mailing your application, include a money order or check made payable to the “Division of Motor Vehicles.”

Submit your completed form and payment in person to your local DMV office OR mail it to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Registration Duplicate
600 New London Ave.
Cranston, RI 02920

Missing or Stolen RI License Plates

If one or both of your license plates were lost or stolen, you must visit your local DMV office to replace them.

If you were issued 2 plates and you’ve lost both license plates, or your vehicle was only issued 1 plate AND it was lost or stolen, you’ll need to file a police report to be issued new plates.

Visit the DMV with:

  • A completed Affidavit for Cancellation of Registration for Lost Plates (REV 2020), which includes your:
    • Plate number.
    • Driver’s license number.
    • Vehicle’s year, make, and model.
  • Your remaining plate OR a police report mentioning your stolen plate(s).
  • Payment for the $32.50 duplicate plate fee.

Lost RI Stickers/Decals

If you’ve lost or damaged your plate stickers, you can get a replacement in person at your local DMV office.

Bring your registration to the DMV to get your replacement decals. Sticker replacements are free.

RI Damaged Plates Replacement

If you have a damaged license plate, you may request a duplicate by mail.

To replace a damaged plate, provide:

  • A completed Application for Registration and Title Certificate (Form TR-1).
    • Your signature must be notarized.
  • A photocopy of your:
    • RI driver’s license.
    • Registration card.
    • Proof of insurance.
  • A completed Application for Remake of License Plates (Rev 2020) for most standard plate designs.
    • Specialty plates will need to be ordered from their respective organizations—see the form for details.
  • The damaged plate.
  • A money order or check for the $32.50  fee made payable to the “Division of Motor Vehicles.”

Mail the above to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Plates
600 New London Ave. 
Cranston, RI 02920

RI Registration & Plate Fees

Here are the costs involved with replacing your registration, decals, and license plates in Rhode Island.

  • Duplicate registration card: $19.50.
  • License plate remake: $32.50.
  • Replacement plate stickers are free.

Make checks payable to the “Division of Motor Vehicles”.


Application for Registration and Title Certificate
Title and register your vehicle with the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles. Can also be used to request a renewal, duplicate, or transfer of vehicle registration.
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