Online Services in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) handles government-provided online services. You can check out the full list of actions the DMV lets you perform online.

However, in some cases, the state may not provide a service offered by a third party, or an outside businesses will help you accomplish your task faster and more easily. We've listed all of your options below to make sure you're as informed as possible when using online services.

RI Vehicle Services

Hitting the road legally can be daunting in America. Driving is one of the country's most heavily-regulated activities. To make sure all the proper paperwork is in order before taking the wheel, and you're as prepared as possible before doing so, you can use any of the following services, provided either by the DMV or a private vendor, including:


  • Registration renewal.
  • Registration reinstatement after insurance revocation.
  • Accessing title records.
  • Lien registration.
  • Applying for a blanket permit (CDL).
  • Ordering vanity plates.

Private Companies

  • Auto insurance.
    • Car insurance is mandatory in America, and you can only buy it from private companies. Luckily, there are a number of great options to suit your specific situation.
  • Motorcycle insurance.
    • Insurance for motorcycle riders is compulsory. Browsing through insurance companies will help ensure you get the best possible policy.
  • Vehicle history report, available for:
    • Cars.
    • Motorcycles.
    • RVs.
      • In Rhode Island, this option is only available through private companies. But making sure a car you're interested in buying isn't hiding any secrets from you is always a smart idea.
  • VIN check.
    • A VIN check is another safeguard against being sold a lemon disguised as a great deal. You can only obtain one through outside vendors in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island License, ID, & Personal Records

In order to drive, you need a license. And in order to get a license, you'll have to provide a number of personal records. There are plenty of options for managing and keeping track of all of those documents, through the DMV, other state agencies, and private companies, including:


Online services provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles include:

  • Change the address on your:
    • Driver's license.
    • State identification card.
  • Check your current driver's license status.
  • Renew your license.
  • Schedule your road test.
  • Download your driving record.

RI Courts

Private Vendors

  • Passport expedition.
    • In a hurry to leave the country? Waiting for the usual passport processing time can take weeks, or even months. But, you don't have to reschedule your trip if you can harness help from some private businesses.
  • Driving records.
    • Using an outside vendor to procure your records is a quick and stress-free way to get an idea of what others—like insurance companies—see when looking into your driving history.
  • Identity theft.
    • Don't be the latest victim of this surging crime. You can't get protection like this through the state, but a private company can help ensure your personal information stays private, too.
  • Name change.
    • No matter the reason for changing your name, you'll have to update your vital records. Going through a third party is an easy way to ensure your i's are dotted and t's crossed.
  • Background check.
    • Getting this type of information, even on your own, can require legal hoop jumping. You can bypass that confusing process altogether by hiring a private company to assist you.
  • Criminal record check.
    • Another potentially confusing process can be significantly simplified with a private vendor's help.
  • Court records.
    • Unless you have a law degree, weeding out what you can and can't take home from the court can be a huge headache. Let someone else worry about the details for you.
  • Public records.
    • Just because they're public doesn't mean they're easy to come by. An outside business will have plenty of experience and tricks up their sleeves to ensure no stone goes unturned on your Rhode Island public records search.
  • Vital records.
    • These are most often needed when you're preparing for something else, like getting a license. Don't add more stress on yourself. Hire a private company for help.
  • International driver's permit.
    • Executing a long-term international trip requires swimming through a veritable sea of paperwork. Give yourself one less thing to worry about by letting a third party vendor take care of this detail.

RI Driver's Ed Services

These can only be accessed through third parties, but can be extremely beneficial in your day-to-day life, from helping you earn a license on your first try to keeping you alive in an unexpected situation on the road. Some Rhode Island driver's education services include:

Your Rhode Island traffic ticket will be handled through the local court system.

Additionally, if you have been charged with a DUI/DWI, consider hiring a DUI attorney. Several companies and firms will help you find the right lawyer online.

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