Motorcycle Manual in Rhode Island

SUMMARY: Rhode Island Motorcycle Manual

Rhode Island requires that all new motorcycle license applicants complete a rider safety course. The course presents the information you'd usually find in a motorcycle manual. You'll find information about RI traffic rules and regulations in the driver's handbook.

Keep reading for more information about the instructional alternative to a motorcycle manual in Rhode Island.

Motorcycle Instruction in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires ALL new motorcycle license applicants to complete a motorcycle rider course.

Since you'll learn everything you need in the course, the RI DMV DOES NOT offer a motorcycle manual on its website.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to take the course if you have a motorcycle license from another state.

Motorcycles rider courses are organized by the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) system and include both classroom AND riding instruction.

NOTE: You MUST have a valid driver's license to take the RI motorcycle course.

Motorcycle Course Structure

To get a motorcycle permit in Rhode Island, you'll need to complete the Basic Rider Course (BRC).

The BRC lasts 15 hours and includes:

  • 15 hours of classroom instruction.
  • 2 sessions of riding range instruction that last 5 hours each.

Motorcycles are provided by the program.

See the BRC website or call (401) 825-1214 for additional information, such as:

  • Course fees.
  • How to register.
  • Required materials.

Additional Courses

If you need a review of motorcycle operation or you want to learn more about riding a motorcycle, the CCRI offers classes for experienced riders.

You can take these classes ONLY if you already have a valid motorcycle license.

To learn more, see the CCRI website.

Apply for a Motorcycle License

Once you complete the BRC, you'll need to take your course completion certificate and other required documents to your local RI DMV office.

You'll first get a motorcycle permit valid for 18 months.

After you've had your motorcycle permit for at least 30 days, you can return to the Rhode Island DMV office to get your motorcycle license.

Learn more about the application process on our RI Motorcycle License page.

RI Driver's Manual

You can read and review the RI driver's manual if you:

  • Do not yet have a RI driver's license.
  • You need to brush up on traffic laws and rules.

The driver's manual covers topics like:

  • Basic road safety.
  • Road signs.
  • Defensive driving techniques.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol/drugs.

If you are applying for a RI driver's license, you'll need to pass a knowledge test based on the information found in the manual.

DMV practice tests and study guides are also available to help you prepare for the written exam.

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