Lost Traffic Ticket in Rhode Island

Search for your lost traffic ticket with the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal or the municipal court located in the area where you received your traffic citation. Be prepared to provide specific information such as your name, birth date, driver's license, and license plate number.

Find Your RI Traffic Court

Currently, the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal and municipal courts throughout the state handle traffic tickets; generally, the Traffic Tribunal handles state-level tickets while the municipal courts handle city-level tickets. You must contact one or the other (or both, depending on if you remember the type of ticket you received) during your RI traffic ticket search.

If YOU CAN'T REMEMBER what type of ticket you received, consider the following to jog your memory:

  • Think about where you were headed when you were pulled over. This could help you remember whether you were within city limits.
  • Try to remember what type of police officer issued the citation. For example, if a city police officer pulled you over, chances are a municipal court is in charge of your ticket.
  • Ask any passengers that might have been with you if they remember where you received the ticket.

Remember, you must start your traffic ticket search as soon as possible to gather the information, determine how to respond, and respond before your deadline passes.

Rhode Island Traffic Ticket Information

Once you determine which agency is handling your RI traffic ticket, ask the clerk the following questions so you can respond to your citation in time:

  • Am I required to appear in court?
    • Your violation might be serious enough to require a court appearance; if it does, find out the court location and date and time of your hearing.
    • If you are required to appear in court, you might want consider consulting a traffic ticket attorney.
  • What are all the details on my traffic ticket? Find out:
    • The violation(s) for which you're being charged.
    • Your traffic ticket number.
    • Where and when you received the citation.
    • The name of the officer who issued the ticket.
  • What are all my payment details? Ask for:
    • Your basic traffic ticket fine.
    • Whether you're responsible for additional court costs and/or surcharges.
    • The deadline by which you must pay.
    • Where and how you can pay.
  • What is the deadline for my response?
    • Whether you decide to plead "guilty" or "not guilty," you have a deadline to meet.

Fight or Pay Traffic Ticket in RI

You can respond to your RI traffic ticket by:

Again, no matter how you decide to plead, you must do so by the deadline to avoid extra fines and other penalties.

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