Defensive Driving in Rhode Island

SUMMARY: Rhode Island Defensive Driving Courses

A Rhode Island defensive driving course may be required after you violate certain traffic laws or may be an option for you if you want to earn a discount on your car insurance.

The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and court system works with the Community College of Rhode Island to administer defensive driving courses.

Whether it's mandatory or voluntary, traffic school/defensive driving in Rhode Island is designed to help you become a safer, more responsible driver, and reduce your risk of committing the same traffic violations and causing accidents in the future.

Even if you are not required by the court or are not eligible for a car insurance discount, a Rhode Island defensive driving course can still be beneficial to your future as a driver.

On this page you'll find an overview of Rhode Island traffic schools, what requirements you may need to satisfy, and who to contact for specific information.

Rhode Island Defensive Driving Options

Rhode Island traffic school may be:

  • Required by your court after you've violated a traffic law.
  • OR
  • Available to you in order to receive a discount with your car insurance provider.

Depending on your specific circumstances, you may have the option of completing a classroom or online defensive driving course. However, online defensive driving is typically not an option if you are required to complete a course by the court.

For more information about voluntary defensive driving courses near you:

  • Contact the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • Talk to your car insurance provider.
  • Look in your phone book.
  • Search online for defensive driving courses, traffic schools, or driver improvement courses.

Required Rhode Island Defensive Driving Courses

Depending on the severity and circumstances of your traffic offense, your judge may require you to attend a defensive driving program at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI).

If required, you should receive information about your course registration and deadlines within 4 weeks of your court date.

Your court will also provide you with information about any additional documents and fees you may need to submit.

Please contact your court or the Rhode Island DMV for more information.

Remember, certain major traffic violations and too many minor traffic violations can lead to a RI driver's license suspension. For more information, please visit our pages on:

Earn a Traffic School Car Insurance Discount in Rhode Island

If you take a Rhode Island defensive driving course/traffic school program voluntarily, you may be eligible to receive a car insurance discount.

While many insurance providers award defensive driving and traffic school discounts to teens and older drivers, drivers of all ages may be eligible.

Please contact your insurance provider for details.

If you find your rates have gotten too high and you are not eligible for a defensive driving course discount, it may be a good time to begin shopping around for a new car insurance provider.

RI Defensive Driving Course Details

Regardless of whether you are taking a defensive driving course as a requirement or voluntarily, you'll likely cover topics, such as:

  • Developing safe and responsible driving behaviors.
  • Defensive driving tips and skills.
  • Rhode Island traffic laws.
  • Sharing the road.
  • Handling emergency situations on the road.
  • Alcohol and drug-related traffic violations.

Depending on your reason for taking traffic school, you may need to pass a final exam to successfully finish the program.

If you were required to take a traffic school course by the Rhode Island court, you'll likely need to submit your defensive driving course completion certificate before your deadline is up.

For more information about your specific situation, please contact:

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