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Q: Are certain cars more expensive to insure? Answer

A: The type of car you drive and own does factor into your car insurance rates. A flashy sports car that tends to be driven at high speeds will cost more to insure than a family van.

Q: Can a traffic ticket affect your car insurance rate? Answer

A: Your driving record is a huge factor when it comes to determining your car insurance rate. Any blemishes could lead to higher car insurance rates.

Q: Do homeowners pay less for car insurance? Answer

A: Homeowners often pay less for car insurance because they tend to take fewer risks than people who don't own their own homes.

Q: Will moving change your car insurance rates? Answer

A: Moving can have a significant effect on your car insurance. Providers will look at the crime and accident rates in your new city of residence, as well as the length of your new commute.

Useful Forms

While the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not provide one comprehensive vehicle dealer handbook, the organization does offer a number of downloadable forms of use to those interested in the business of selling motor vehicles. For example:

For additional information regarding motor vehicle dealer licensing procedures,
call or write to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Rhode Island's General Laws

If you're interested in detailed information regarding laws, review Chapter 31-5 of Rhode Island's General Laws. Topics covered include:

  • Application process
  • Applicable licensing fees
  • Examination of records
  • Penalties for violations by dealers
  • Criminal liability for violations
  • Dealership violations that are considered serious enough to result in the loss of your license
  • Hearings on the suspension or revocation of your license

Chapter 31-5.1, covering the regulation of business practices among motor vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and distributors may also be useful.

Motor Vehicle Dealers License and Hearing Board

The Motor Vehicle Dealers License and Hearing Board is charged with overseeing the activities of used and new car dealers throughout the state. This board handles complaints from the general public as well as investigating misuse of dealer regulations.

Contact information and meeting minutes for the Motor Vehicle Dealers License and Hearing Board can be viewed on the Rhode Island Secretary of State website.

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