Dealer-related Information in Rhode Island

For updated dealership rules and regulations, you can either contact the Motor Vehicle Dealers License and Hearing Board at (401) 588-3005 or take your chances with the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicle's website. You can read about dealership forms on this website.

For existing dealership mandates, you can find everything in full detail at Chapter 31-5 of Rhode Island's General Laws.

License Renewals

All dealership licenses must be renewed annually before or on December 31. So as to not forget during the holiday rush, renewing at the beginning of the month is strongly suggested.

Business Hours

If you're new to the state and hoping to open a dealership, keep in mind that dreams of sales must be put aside once a week. Rhode Island prohibits dealerships from opening on Sundays.

License Suspension and Revocation

Rhode Island's Attorney General maintains a vigilant eye towards shady dealership practices, as evidenced by the state's Lemon Law. If you are found guilty of violating a customer's trust, your dealership license could ultimately be suspended or revoked. And, in a small state, word circulates fast!

You can scan a full list of dealership violations that can result in loss of license at Chapter 31-5-11 of Rhode Island's General Laws.

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