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Losing a commercial driver's license (CDL), or worse, having one stolen, is a serious predicament. Here at DMV.ORG, we understand how maddening it can be to lose anything, let alone a document that is an essential tool to your livelihood. Don't panic―the road to replacement is just around the bend.

Each state has its individual methods of issuing a new or duplicate license. Some require a police report for a stolen license; others ask you to present a pile of identification documents; and still others insist you retake certain tests.

How you go about getting a replacement commercial driver's license will depend largely on whether you lose your CDL near home―or while you're on a long haul.

But, wherever and whenever you realize your CDL is missing, you can be assured that DMV.ORG will steer you to the right place, and make certain that you have the proper documents in tow.

Find out how to replace a lost or stolen CDL in your state today.

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