DMV.ORG Launches New, More Secure Website Experience

ENCINITAS, CA--(October 20, 2017) - DMV.ORG, the nation's largest independent resource for DMV-related information and services, today announced a redesigned and enhanced website, continuing the company’s mission to simplify the DMV experience for drivers across the country.

The newly-refreshed website features improved navigation, new corporate branding, expanded partnerships for online services, social sharing, and speed improvements to make the site faster—especially for visitors using their mobile devices on-the-go.

“We are constantly looking to improve as the go-to resource for DMV-related information and online services,” said Bob Kurilko, DMV.ORG’s president and chief operating officer. “This new site experience and brand refresh is another step forward for delivering our goal of providing an exceptional user experience.”

In addition to the visual refresh of the website, DMV.ORG has also implemented enhanced security measures and accuracy tools that fulfill the brand’s vision to empower drivers by putting them in control of their DMV experience. The site switched to a completely secure protocol so as to better protect visitors and their information, and included a more prominent “accuracy stamp” visitors can look for as a visual cue ensuring the information on each page is up-to-date with the latest regulations of each state agency.

In order to continue providing an optimal site experience, the company has also made enhancements to its Customer Care tools, offering both self-help wizards as well as a direct line of communication with a dedicated agent to help answer their DMV-related questions quickly.

Jeff Lerner, head of marketing for DMV.ORG, emphasized how the renewed focus on a better, faster user experience came directly from the site’s visitors themselves. “Feedback is at the core of how we improve the website experience for our users,” he said. “Through a combination of surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews, we listened to what our users had to say, and then created a better, faster, and more secure website to meet their needs.”


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